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  • jnl0812 By  jnl0812    

    This was probably my favorite book of the series. It started a little slow, but got better as it went on.

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  • GerdaT By  GerdaT    

    The twilight series is just amazing I never wanted it to end but I also couldn't put it down I wanted to see what happened just amazing Stephenie Meyers is amazing.

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  • LadyNemesis By  LadyNemesis    

    what a great way to have there store end , for now i hope there is more to come maybe something with Jake and renesme and how there life goes on !! Cant wait

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  • thedomestichick By  thedomestichick    

    This was not my favorite in the series either. It was like she got tired of the story at one point and then just kind of rushed to the ending. I did an overall comment on the series in my review for Twilight (the first in the series).

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  • Livestrong11 By  Livestrong11    

    I am just awaiting the movie.... I am too old for these, but oh well!

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  • mysticalpisces By  mysticalpisces    

    I really loved the whole collection, this book was one of my fav's and can't wait to see the movie. I plan on reading all the books again before the movie comes out. I know these are geared more to the teens but I found it a very good read.

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  • kfree08 By  kfree08    

    This was by far my favorite book. Hopefully the movie will be just as good!

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  • cjrn19 By  cjrn19    

    The whole series was amazing!

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  • mommy2armywife By  mommy2armywife    

    I have to say what an amazing author. Each book keeps you entangled in a 3 way love triangle that is great for readers who enjoy keeping morales. The final book was great it makes you want more from this story and to tell what happens to each character after you finish it. LOVE IT!!!

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  • shellandbrooke By  shellandbrooke    

    I'd have to say this book was my least favorite of the 4. It started out good but quickly went bad. Weird how everything kept working out so great....blah. I had a hard time keeping my attention on the book.

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  • beth31j By  beth31j    

    I am so into the Twilight saga. This is my favorite book in the series and it ended the way that I think it should have. Now I wish Stephanie Meyers would reconsider working on Midnight Sun.

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  • breezy123 By  breezy123    

    LOVE it my favorite book of the series!!!!!!

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  • Jerneygirl By  Jerneygirl    

    Twilight series are a MUST READ!!! I LOVED this book I read it twice (not usual for me at all) I may even be able to still enjoy another read before the movie comes out!! GREAT BOOK!!

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  • crimedoc By  crimedoc    

    So so. Definitely not my favorite book in the series. It's a bit more adult than the first three and the author doesn't really pace the story very well. Parts of it really dragged, and then others felt rushed. The changing POV trick was a bit weird and slightly confusing, and also detracted from my enjoyment of the book - the others were all from Bella's POV, why change now? All in all, I was rather disappointed and am much less likely to reread this than any of the others in the series.

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  • tiffanyvsrobot By  tiffanyvsrobot    

    no better or worse than the preceeding. good story, just meant for less mature audiences.

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