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  • debsmad debsmad

    Even though Twilight is one of my favorite books ever, the rest of the series was hugely disappointing to me. I thought Breaking Dawn might bring things back to good with the wedding and the pregnancy but it didn't, not for me anyway. Some people like to just let go of reality and expectations and read a story for whatever it is, but I can't seem to do that and when it just becomes fairy-tale-everything, it loses me. The weirdness with the pregnancy, the weirdness of the baby, the weirdness of the imprinting, the fact that Bella pretty much skipped over all of the horridness of the newborn days that we'd been hearing so much about in the books leading up to this, and of course her being some sort of freak of nature miracle vampire was all a bit too much for me. I know others who absolutely loved it because they just like super wonderful stories like that. As I said to someone else, the first book started out sort of 'It could happen,' but it all went more and more into weak fantasy after that. Bleah.

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  • Wiccanbat666 By  Wiccanbat666    

    Ooof, big no thanks.

    If I could give this book a lower score, I absolutely would. When you create a book series, there tends to be an issue with the next book that comes out in the series having to be better than the last. Of course that is always a possibility for stories such as Harry Potter, where the plot is laced through all of the books and leads to an ultimate climax and resolution in the final book. Stephenie Meyer did not follow this example in any way, shape, or form. Instead of possibly creating an internal plot that would follow the entire series, every book has...well, I cannot justify a plot in any of the books, save the first one (that was in the last 100 pages of the book), so I'll try to skim sweetly over this. For her last attempt, strike 4 on my count, Meyer rides this train till there are no more tracks; taking the train, and all of it's passengers on a bumpy, uncomfortable, and unforgivable journey no one had prepared for. Bella's half-breed child shouldn't even exist, given Meyer's specific "VAMPIRES CANNOT HAVE CHILDREN", so of course she gives a pathetic, if not confusing, explanation to how Edward gets Bella pregnant. The child's name itself is atrocious; I honestly hope no one loves this series enough to name their own child that, out of their "love for Stephenie Meyer."


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