Movie WALL-E

Movie WALL-E

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Good kids movie.

For a kids' movie this is one of the better ones! I was moved to tears for Wall-E for much of the movie. You will cry at certain parts that's just part of what makes it so good!

I love this movie. It's a great family movie.

I saw the movie with my 3 kids on Disney XD and it warmed my heart. I cried while watching the end. This video is great for those interested in the future, space, machines, and even technology!

a family favorite that never gets old. The message implied throughout said movie is warm and uplifting

My fiance and I saw this in theaters and it's a cute movie! We bought it on dvd and my daughter loves it! It's cute and funny.

My sons favorite movie.not so much for me

This was just the cutest movie ever! It was perfect for a date movie in the theaters and we bought it as soon as it was on DVD. Now my two year old absolutely loves it too!! And what a great lesson being taught too!!

An underrated movie for many reasons; Beautifully animated, good for kids & big kids, and a genuine story reminding us not to judge a book by its cover.

This movie was absolutely adorable and the message behind it was awesome. That little robot had more intelligence and humanity than the people. I love those movies - they are supposedly made for the kids but so many things that are said or that happens in the movie are for everyone, young and old.

LOVED the movie! Its a great movie, it makes you feel good watching it. Once I look past who the characters remind of, it's such a warm and uplifting movie. I enjoy watching it over and over again. Definitely recommend the movie!!!

very cute story. My two year old and I watch it a few times a month. we both also love robots :)

Love this movie. My kids do too. Definitely a family fav.

I own this I love this movie so much i play it ever now and then and it never gets old

it was an ok movie.