Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex Lip Balm

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Use it when I have a cold sore and it heals it right up.

Great lip balm to sooth dry lips, especially in the winter.

Husband and son use this in winter. Not as "girlie" - car in name, silly guys. Keep these strategically placed in different rooms. It prevents crack lips lips in winter.

Carmex has been my lip balm of choice for 10 years now. I love that it is an inexpensive product that makes my lips feel taken care of. I prefer the squeeze tube over the stick, but I did recently try the Carmex chap-stick in Lime. It has a little bit of a nice fragrance to it and still gets the job done!

I use the Carmex gloss stick and love it! It adds sheen but helps my horribly dry lips!

I too like other reviewers use Carmax for just about everything including the lips. I have been a Carmax "addict" for more than 25 years and will continue to be a devote as long as it is available.

I have used carmex since I was a teen.Only thing to get rid of my chapped lips since I am bad about licking them without knowing it! I have not thought to try to use it on my nails,but just did as I had several torn cuticles and you are right one actually fell off and they don't hurt so bad now.I love this stuff! Always have a tube in my purse.Right now I am using the strawberry carmex.

I can't live without it, so great for the price you pay. I use for lips, nose when I have a cold and blows it often and it hurts, the carmex soothes, I have used it for diaper rash, works well.

I have found that carmax is great for more then just the lips. It works great on cuts - helps speed up the healing, it is also good on sun burns, works great on diaper rashes as well. What is really great is that we all pretty much have a little jar of it in our purse which makes it very available. It also is great on your nails. It will instantly get rid of ripped up cuticles and makes your nail beds stronger. If I could only have one beauty product with me on a dessert island carmax would be it!