Taylor Swift Fearless

Taylor Swift Fearless

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Some songs on the album are great...but i would recommend buying the songs individually on iTunes instead of spending money on the whole CD

song is not original enough needs better lyrics, songs needs to be more upbeat

She has a good voice. After a while all her songs are the same.

It's 'ight In my opinion her newer albums are better than her older ones. This is her second album, but I think her album Tim McGraw is a bit better than this one. I gave this two stars because I feel like the songs on this album are repetitive and cliche. It's not her best, but it's certainlty not the worst.

I don't think to much about her or her music it is al the same about young love and lost.

Not really a big Taylor Swift fan. Nothing is memorable to me.

I think this album sounds exactly like her first. Every song has the same theme.

Need to make the transition to the next maturity level. Success may suffer a little, but will be her possibility forfuture

didn't really enjoy this at all

Like her music! I don't like how she switched from country to hip hop, if you start country stay country! Just saying

Not really into her. She doesn't make any music ive enjoyed

I think she has an "okay" voice. But I can't disregard her personality when rating this. I think she is a very bad role model for girls because she portrays the "weak woman" stereotype that I, as a woman, want to end. So I am not a Taylor Swift supporter.

her lyrics are a huge turn off. If her voice was specially unique and outstanding I would give her that but unfortunately she is average in her talent.

not a taylor swift fan. every song sounds the same to me

Every song that Taylor has, sounds the exact same to me... Not a fan of Taylor Swift whatsoever