Movie Twilight

Movie Twilight

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I was totally distracted at the poor acting chemistry between the lead actors. I appeared completely forced and awkward. This is definitely a movie for the teenagers who were enamored with the book.

I did not enjoy this movie as much as I had hoped. The actors vampire makeup looked off to me and was a distraction. I enjoyed the book way more than this movie.

Good love story, however the editing is terrible!

this is a good movie and will have good sequals hopfuly

I liked that the books gave more detail. They had to cut a good bit in the movie, but as Pepperjune said, they really followed the book well. It definitely is different than other vampire movies. I didn't want to like it, but I couldn't help myself. :-)

I loved the books, although I have to say I felt a little silly following a high school girl in love with a vampire. I got over it though and enjoyed reading them! The movie came out and I had very high expectations. I'd say it was not as good as the books and could have had better special effects. However, I would definitely recommend it to someone who enjoys fictional story lines! I hear the next one will have lots more funding and will have great special effects! Great casting as well.

I haven't read the book,although I have heard that it is much better than the movie.I have become a big fan due to this movie.It basically has everything from romance to action.It is not your typical horror/vampire movie.Needless to say,I will be seeing the rest of the movies too,and when I find the time,I will start on the books also.Better late than never!

I was SO disappointed by the movie. I couldn't see the love between Bella and Edward like the way it was portrayed in the book. And the glittering effect? What was that?!?! TACKY! The only good scene was the fighting scene.

The movie was a total disappointment. The special effects were poorly done. It was a total waste of time to go to the movie. I just felt that I could have done a better job with the computerize special effects as a communication major. The story was not followed as well as it could have either. I don't like how the various aspects of the film that were changed from the book. I really was excited for the film but very upset with the characters, the script and the special effects.