Maybelline  Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

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I love this product. The product keeps your lips moisturized for hours. It smells amazing. It is not waxy like other lip balm and has a little tint of color on your lip. My lip is smoother and soft.

i love this lip balm it give really great moisture and i love it.

I use it every day. it makes my lips very soft, i only have the blue one but i plan on getting the others. if you want a tint or a little color you can the ones like the green one. i know a lot of people that own this and they love it.

I love it but deffinately the nivea lip balm is more moisturizing and it stays on all day.

The color is definitely long lasting, and it compliments my skin tone perfectly. If my lips are completely chapped, like it's winter now, I just put some on and it makes my lips smooth and soft! I'd totally recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to buy different colours/flavours.

I adore this product! I have never used a lip balm until it was completely gone until I got the Baby Lips. One of the best parts about the Baby Lips is the spf inside the balm. (Not gonna lie, when I go out in the sun I smear some of the clear over my tattoos to ensure they don't fade) The only problem with this that i have found is that is a little bit too greasy and leaves the area around my mouth feeling like it needs a new scrub (and my boyfriend makes me wipe it off before he will kiss me). A small price to pay for such an amazing product!

Taste funny to me.

I have this in 05 Quenched. It's the clear, lemony flavored one. The first time I used this I fell in love. I ran back to get another one so that I could carry one with me and leave the other in the bathroom. Love it!

Absolutely love these lip balms. I have several shades and they leave my lips feeling so soft! I love to put the clear shades on at night before bed, when I wake up in the morning my lips are moisturized and ready for the day.

I absolutely love this product. I had to have every color when I first saw them. The product keeps your lips moisturized for hours and there are actually some pretty nice pigmented ones, along with sheer ones. The scents are amazing and I would definitely recommend trying these out!

i love these! They have helped my lips so much! My lips look healthy and have less lines! The color payoff in the colored ones are amazing! And the clear ones bring a great shine on your lips!!

I really love this product thinking of getting all the colors. The reason I gave it only 4 stars is because I do feel I need to reapply the product very often it just seems to fade away very quickly.

This is my holy grail lip balm. I searched everywhere for the limited edition Baby Lips and finally found them! Twinkle is now my favorite, but I love Quenched because it smells just like the Zebra Striped Gum (anyone else remember that gum or am I just old?) Anyway, these feel awesome and I even got my grandma to start using them! Plus the packaging is way cute!

Hardly moisturizes. But it does have great minty taste for the One I purchased. It is cute but I feel chapstick still would do better than this. It comes off a bit chunky at times. But overall cute

I got this in the baby pink color. It leaves a nice bubble gum pink shade on your lips and moisturizes well. Not too waxy.