Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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I especially love the bottle & how easy it dispenses. I like the way it foams & cleans my teeth well. Also works great for the sensitivity as I notice I haven't had near as much pain when eating & drinking. I do not like the flavor at all so I really hope they change that part. Even though it's bearable, it would be nice to actually like the taste.

I tried this product and I wasn't impressed. The taste was OK - not good or bad but not very minty or refreshing. There was a subtle odd aftertaste, as well. The pump is hard to regulate how much you put on the toothbrush so you use more than needed. Also, if you don't wipe off the opening after (and I mean about 3-5 minutes AFTER you use it when it stops foaming). It corrodes around the opening so each time you use it, you have to wipe it with a tissue, which is a waste of toothpaste and tissue (or toilet paper). The consistency is thinner than regular toothpaste or gel. The instructions say to use "an inch" but I have an oral-b toothbrush which has a tiny round head so I just winged it and turned it into a large pea size. I did like the foaming action but other than that, nothing was positive for me. I did not tell the difference between any tooth sensitivity before and after. I could not find product descriptions between the Multi Action and the Whitening. I'd like to know what else the whitening does and what exactly the Multi Action does. I wouldn't buy this.

I like the way the toothpaste foams a lot, and don't mind the flavor. Better flavor than other "sensitive" toothpastes. The dispenser is great! It doesn't quite give me the clean, "glossy tooth" feeling that my normal toothpaste gives, however. I have noticed reduction in sensitivity and think this is way better than other sensitive toothpastes overall.

love the foam!!!

Excellent product, cleaning capabilities far surpass tube pastes especially when used with electric brushes.

Love the applicator bottle. It really foams and makes your mouth feel really fresh. The mint taste is a little different than Sensodyne's Fresh Mint flavor, but it tastes fine to me. I wonder if you should swish the foam around your mouth after brushing and before you spit it out? That way it would get more of the foam between your teeth.

love it no mess and good flavor

I was weary about the taste but I found that I actually liked it. I love the foaming action too alot better then regular toothpaste. I hope they come out with other flavors though just for variety.

Love the applicator, no mess applicator...good taste, feels like it cleans well!

I absolutely love this Iso-Active toothpaste from Sensodyne. It has a great minty flavor and the foaming action of the toothpaste really leaves my mouth clean and refreshed. The toothpaste is easy to apply to the brush from the container and works great. The best part of this product is that it is designed for sensitive teeth and does a fantastic job and making tooth brushing easy and pain free.

I have sensitive teeth and I LOVE this toothpaste. After using it for over a year my teeth are not nearly as sensitive as before. It is definitely a little more 'foamy' than other toothpastes but I attributed that to getting into the crevices better to stave off sensitivity. It definitely works but I would like it to be a little stronger in flavor and for my breath to feel fresh a little longer after brushing. I am able to switch between Sensodyne and other toothpastes now that my teeth are less sensitive and I'm grateful for that!

Leaves my teeth clean but it is too foamy. The consistency reminds me a little too much of shaving gel.

I have used the toothpaste for a few days and I love it! The dispenser is very clean and easy to use. Love the foaming action; it seems to work better than the regular Sensodyne toothpaste! The taste is what I was expecting it to be and a little goes a long way. So far the only downside is the price but I received many coupons with the product to help offset the expense. However, I think it is worth the price if it continues to save me from feeling tooth pain.

I think it works great for tooth sensitivity - but what I did not like about is - freshness of breath - the clean feeling you get after brushing you teeth. It just does not have it.

This product is great for sensitive teeth. After using this for only a week, I can already tell a difference in the sensitivity of my teeth.