Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

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I purchased this hoping it would help with the puffiness under my eyes. I used it as directed for about two months and didn't see any improvement. I won't be buying it again.

This is the inexpensive version on Lancome's eye cream puff reducer.

I bought for the puffiness aspect and I still use it, although I don't think it is an automatic noticeable difference. It does feel cool and calming underneath your eyes and I do think it helps puffiness slightly, but not for people who have more puffiness. It might help those who have occasional issues. I also do like that it's on a stick, but you have to wait a minute or two for it to dry before adding makeup.

I love this product I put mine in the fridge so that it feels even better for my tired eyes at the end of the day.

I love the convenience of this product. It really helps me look rested, even when I'm not.

I love this I use it everyday in the morning since I hardly get enough sleep !!!

This really helped my eyes and it covered it up real well!

Any of you who ever has struggled with the Puffiness and Irritation that your under-eyes can sometimes cause..PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY if your looking at this product as a fix! This is the WORST WASTE OF $$ that I can think of! Not only did it NOT WORK..It was sticky and smelled weird! If you really have an issue with under eye puffiness and dark your research first and careful what you put under your eyes

I have horrible dark circles and puffy eyes and this product works great!

It feels cold under my eyes, which I guess is good for puffiness, but to be honest, I don't really feel/see a difference. :-/ I had a coupon so, I used it, but I probably won't buy this product again.

I bought this for puffiness under the eyes and don't think it works. I used it for about two months because I figured I bought it I might as well get my money's worth out of it. Plus I thought the longer I used it, I may see a difference. There is no difference using this product. It is a waste of money.

When I first bought the product, I liked how it felt under my eyes - cool and felt calming. It may help with slight puffiness, but really does nothing for dark circles. After a while, my wand starting leaking out into the cap unless I kept it upright (which isn't really always practical). I've also noticed that when I apply my foundation over it, it goops up under my eyes and isn't very attractive. I wouldn't buy it again.

I think this is very over rated.I did'nt notice a difference using this product!

I was pleasantly surprised how well this worked, I saw noticeable results after just a few uses. My under eye puffiness is gone and the fine lines are diminishing. It feels refreshing on the skin and is now a permanent addition to my morning routine.

i love it