Maybelline  Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

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I absolutely love baby lips! The red one is a bit too dark, but the peach and the clear are always in my makeup bag. Works better than other lip balms, lips really do get softer with use. Try!!!

I love these lip balms and have literally every color! They actually do make your lips very soft unlike others that help dry out lips so you use more of the product and need more. They have a sweet smell. My favorite is the original (blue). This product is in my must haves in my purse/ clutch or wristlet every day!

I love this stuff. Baby lips is awesome. Moisturizes and smells so good. I also love that some of them are tinted. I have every single one of these. Im hooked!!!

tons of different kinds, love the variety! I have the blue, purple, and pink. love them all, perfect for everyone depending on colors and scents. Work so well, and they have some limited edition ones that are must haves!

It's called Baby Lips for a reason, cause I LOVE the way it makes me lips feel in all weather conditions!

The only thing I wish I could change about this is the intensity of the color. Ideally, I wanted this to simply moisturize my lips. It's just a bit too bright for me. Otherwise, it is GREAT!

Very nice colors and great smell! It moisturizes instantly but doesn't last as long as you'd want it to! It's still very affordable and I love the packaging!

Definitley a lip product I can get behind! Super baby soft lips and I think it actually made my lips look younger!

best lip product ever i cant stop putting it on lol

Super moisturizing! Smooth and very creamy. Easy to apply comes in a variety of tints/colors. Smells amazing! Reasonable price too

The color is long lasting but i feel like my neutrogena chapstick moisturizes more.

I use these a bit too quickly; maybe it's because they ACTUALLY work and make your lips feel super soft, or maybe it's just because of the stuff that these lip balms are made out of. I have the blue one and the purple one - the blue one is clear lip balm, and the purple one is called Peach Kiss (I think), which is a kind of natural color, with a bit of bronze shimmer. I like the scent of Peach Kiss better, but it's a bit too shimmery... Baby Lips are kind of greasy, but that's probably why they moisturize so well. This lip balm stays on pretty much until you eat, after which you have to reapply, but that's pretty reasonable, right? These are really inexpensive - I would recommend buying the two-in-one packs, or maybe just buy them all.....

These are great! Although the color tinted ones are a bit more like lipstick, with a little sticky nature. So if you're looking for a lip balm, go for Quenched, I use it all the time. If you want more of a tint, go for Pink Punch or Peach Kiss(I like Peach Kiss better because it's kind of a natural color).

This is a great product that I could not live without. It makes your lips really soft and moisturizes them with a pretty tint of color.

I absolutely love these. I'm pretty sure I have every color that has ever come out, even special edition ones. They make your lips feel amazing. I really don't know how I lived without these.