Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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Love it too!

I absolutly Love this Product. I am one of those people that constanlty worry about Bad Breath. I keep Gum close at hand for just one of those bad breath emergencys. I have to say when i used this product Honeslty I felt like my breath was fresh even after Eating. It makes you feel like you just came from the Dentist.The container was the deal clincher for me I Know that bad breath comes from Bacteria and I will tell you with this container there is really no where for bacteria to Form. You get a Fresh clean Burst of toothpaste each Brushing. And for anyone who has little ones you dont have to worry about your child putting Dirty toothpaste in their mouths. Who ever thought about this Product was Genious.

I like the foaming action and the way it makes my teeth feel clean, but am not a fan of the chemical taste and do not like that it always leaves excess product on the applicator that must be wiped off after each use.

Love the product it just feels like it does a better job than regular no foaming toothpaste and yes I can tell it is helping with my tooth sensitivity! Way to go Sensodyne!

i love it

I love the great taste and foaming action! It does help with sensitivity.

I like the foaming acting, how clean and polished it leaves my teeth and the fact that it helps with tooth sensitivity. I don't like the taste. Its icky. Tastes like an icky medicine, blek! I also don't like that it comes in a canister that you just throw away. It should come in something that can be recycled. So, I gave it 3 stars. Not the best tasting or ecologically sound product, but does what it says it will do, if you can stand the taste, that is ;)

I absolutely love this product!! My teeth feel clean, the foaming action got between my teeth, the flavor is minty but mild... I am in love!! The package is great too!! The canister reminds me of a shaving can. The packaging gives you the feeling you are getting a better product before you eben use it. Another plus is there is no mess. It is quite a bit more expensive compared to typical tube toothpastes but this product is well worth it!!!

Just began using I LOVE the way it makes my teeth feel ,like I just came from the dentist. The "isoaction" really is different ,Feel like it really gets in between teeth , a lot better then regular toothpaste .It is a little pricey but this is one that is worth the extra.(The kids don't need to use this ,its just for mom)

I like it alot. I actually have a cavity that needs to be taken care of and this did not bother me at all. The container is great and leaves no mess in comparison to the tubes. Even my son liked it better then the others, he said it was not "hot", which is what kids complain about ALOT with mint toothpaste!

has help my sensitivity to cold products already, will use coupons for future purchase!

I am very happy to have have found this product. I have only been using it for a week, and have already noticed an improvement/reduction in my tooth sensitivity. This foams up alot as soon as it hits your teeth, and makes me mouth feel much cleaner.

Took 3 days, but once I got used to the dispenser, it's much easier than conventional tubes. The taste is decent, not overbearing like some toothepastes can be. Seems to work well on my sensitive teeth.

I like this toothpaste, seems to be helping with my sensitivity and I love how it is dispensed.

love the stuff makes my mouth feel very clean and refreshed very good stuff