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  • superduperscooper By  superduperscooper    

    This is one of the best Clinique products. Oil- free,non-comedogenic, and never has caused my sensitive, and breakout prone skin ANY issues. I always had issues with other oil free moisturizers. They didn't give me ENOUGH moisture. This one is perfect, and I would recommend it to anyone. My only issue with it is the price. I find myself paying for it, because I haven't found another product that works near as well.

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  • amber414 By  amber414    

    I have been using Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for years now .I got a sample of this from their counter I'm really not impressed. I 'm a skin type II and gonna stick with the yellow gel.

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  • buggyangel By  buggyangel    

    The texture n smell is good. But it makes my skin even more dry instead of giving it moisture. It's expensive n doesn't work at all. One star!

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I LOVE THIS STUFF. I put it on only when i start to feel my skin gets dry, however the cons i have about this product is that its a tad bit too expensive for something so small...

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  • skartrip By  skartrip    

    I really like this moisurizer it is light and never looks oily. Love the way it makes my skin feel.

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  • Joodles By  Joodles    

    This doesn't really do anything for me, I already use Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and although this does seem to add another layer of moisture, I didn't really care for it.

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  • pixie508 By  pixie508    

    I love this stuff!! I use it every morning, and I don't use much make up. I have suffered w/ eczema since I was a child. I have been using this product for almost a decade, and it has made a huge difference. It keeps my skin moisturized. It is a little pricey, but a little goes a long way. I get the biggest size, and it lasts me at least 2 months. It's well worth the money!

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  • agaphmou By  agaphmou    

    I have very dry skin,so I have tried any and every moisturizer I could get my hands on.This by far has been the best one so far.You dab it onto your skin.Your skin automaticly feels cool and soothed.It is worth every penny,even though it is a little pricey.It is 100 times better than the clinique dramaticly different moisturizing lotion.The only con is you may have to reapply if you have very dry skin like myself.

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