Movie Twilight

Movie Twilight

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The movie was good, but if you read the book first I think you will be rather disappointed. There is just something Stephanie Meyers delivers to her readers that the movie was unable to capture.

the movie is great. cant wait to see sequel.

I have read all 4 books in this series and watched this movie. I agree the book is much better. I did enjoy the movie and cannot wait for all of the books to be movies.

I feel like the people who made the movie could have done a better job. I know they had to cut a lot out to make it a movie but I felt like they sped up how Bella and Edward fell in love too quickly and the scene where Edward shows Bella his skin was incredibly romantic in the book and I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when I saw it in the movie. This book was so popular they should have been able to afford better CGI.

I love the book! And i feel that they did a wonderful job translating it into a film! Hopefully the rest of the movies are as good as the books!

I read the book first and it just made the movie all that much sweeter! It's very accurate! I can't wait for New Moon!

Movie was good but the book is much better.

I loved this movie, haven't read the book yet. what a great romance movie, not at all what I expected, I didn't think it would be something I would like.

i personally love the movie, but i feel like the book was over all better!

the book is so much better thab themovie. But, if you dont compare it to the book, its actually pretty good. I would imagine that if you never read the book, but saw the movie, you would love it!

the movie was cool, but my friends always tell me that the book is way better i can't wait for new moon

read the book and love the movie its a wonderful story about love and romance

i read all four books and i saw the movie. the movie is amazing and everyone should see it.

I looooooooooved the movie.....And can't wait for new moon to come out!!!!!!!

I loved the books... Well, the first couple, anyway. The later books get a little odd. But this movie did not impress me at all. I thought the acting was off at points and the storyline just didn't seem to work very well to me. But, all that said, I'll still go out and see New Moon when it opens.