Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

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I brought the chips into work and had a little snack feast. The chips were the hit. Everyone in the office loved them. When it comes to food, our office staff is pretty picky. Everyone loved these chips enought to say they were going to purchase them and even try the other flavor. That says a lot for our staff.

I served these at an informal get together some friends. Everyone loved them, dipped or plain. In a very short time they were all gone!

These were amazing! The flavor and texture were so good I ALMOST ate the whole bag in one day....OOPS!

These were great!!! So much better than just plain tortilla chips, it added so much FLAVOR. I had them at my in-laws and everyone kept commenting throughout dinner how fabulous they were. I can't wait to try the other flavor.

It had been one of those frantic days where things did not go as planned, after school activities ran longer than usual, we stopped at the grocery store near home, picked up a few items and these chips, and looked forward to relaxing at home. Because we were already quite late for dinner and starving, we opened the bag in the car - they were gone by the time we got home! What a delicious snack! We will be buying more, thank you Tostitos and SheSpeaks for the chance to try these gratis. I wish we could get these in Costco-size bags. They were super alone, I can only imagine how they'd taste in nachos or mini pizzas or whatever other creative ideas we come across. Our vote: these are divine! Thanks again, you made our day! :)

I caved in tonight and tore open the bag of black bean and garlic flavor,even though I was planning on using them with some homemade chili. I've come to the conclusion that these new chips don't need any accompaniment because they are so good on their own. Once again, my husband gave the thumbs up for these new chips and I will definitely be buying them again in the future. The only negative that I can find about this new item are that they are expensive and the bag doesn't contain a whole lot. But, I will definitely buy again when they're on sale. They're really good.

I loved the roaster garlic & black bean tortilla chips! It has a great taste, didn't need any salsa or dip. Had a few friends and family over and everyone who tried them agreed they we're fantastic. My sister picked a bag up for herself the next day. Will definitely buy again!

Used my coupon and bought the black bean and garlic variety. I really wasn't sure what to expect and didn't think I was going to like these. I was pleasantly surprised- these are great and I like that they are all natural. I will definitely be buying these again! Without the coupon, I would have never tried these, but now that I have, I am impressed and hooked!

I tried the Garlic and Black bean with a Jarred Black bean Salsa. It was really yummy and seemed like a healthy treat.

used my cupon I got the roasted garlicblack bean. for good job for my granndson after pinao recital,,everyone loved these chips,the taste is awesome,I think they are a little pricey but so are potato chips,I will buy these chips again. thank you

Used my coupon to try the Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tostitos for Girls' night. Chips were delicious and you can even get away with no salsa. I loved the "powdery" finish, texture, and all around flavor. However, for the small sized bag and $3.99 price tag, barring a sale, I would have to say OVERPRICED. Despite the great taste, the price tag is way out of proportion.

I tried these yesterday. They were part of before dinner treats. They were quite good. The crispiness of the chip and the flavor was wonderful. The flavor lingered after the first bite and into the next. I shared these with my husband as he is a grand lover of chips as well. These were a hit and we will use these at family gatherings and events that we attend. What a delicious item that will be bought again and again.

yes we recieved the coupon,not really sure what they would taste like,roasted garlic&black bean.I went to the local grocery store ,picked up a bag,bought it home,I had dinner took a shower,sat in my comfortable chair,turned on the tv,opened the bag of tostitos,took one bite,was good,took another bite,getting better,and kept going,had to put the bag away til my spouse tried it. The chip is just right crunch,the taste is just GREAT,this is my new chip,and my spouse,I finnaly have something new besides multigrain,which really has no flavor. Thank You for a chance to explore something tasty

Tried these today as a sample at a store I frequent. In my opinion, they were amazing! Great flavor, very crispy, and a great after taste. Bought a very large bag after trying the sample and took it back to work with me, as I had been on my lunch break. Three other co-workers tried them too, and all walked away with handfuls, talking about how great they are and how you don't need a dip (or anything!) to go with them because they're so flavorful. I think I've found my favorite chip (and saying I have a "favorite" of anything is usually tough for me!)!