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  • nmcreel nmcreel

    I'm always a huge fan of OPI nail products! They last forever and look beautiful! They have a beautiful shine and usually look fantastic for weeks!

  • alyounk alyounk

    I just got "rainbow connection" from the OPI muppet's holiday 2011 collection. I had been waiting for the muppet's polish for months now and have mixed feelings about the end result. The numerous different colors of glitter are all mixed up in a clear polish base, which looks way cool in the bottle. My issue was not with the mixture of colors, rather the big sized pieces of glitter that seemed to chip off very easily. The smaller glitter seemed to adhere better than the large. Also, since the base of the polish is clear, it might have look better with a solid color undercoat of polish. I used two coats without a solid color undercoat and you could still see much of my natural nail through the polish. I love OPI and will always recommend it as the best polish around... Rainbow Connection seems like a high maintance manicure that, while it breaks my heart to say, I don't recommend.

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  • Emilycoo By  Emilycoo    

    I can't believe there isn't a review for this brand of nail polish yet! In my opinion it's THE NUMBER ONE, BEST NAIL polish! I know people have different opinions on the best nail polish brand but my heart belongs to OPI. The colors are so pretty and unique. You can get really cool ones for every season they are always coming out with new ranges. They also last much longer than other nail polish brands I've used. I even had a manicure with a dark color and it lasted an entire week, the pedicure was still perfect after 2.5. And I type every day and text all the time! I kept thinking I would look down and see chips but none! Also, they have a big brush which makes it so easy to paint your nails. You only need three strokes per nail. It goes on smooth and looks so pretty. I'd reccommend buying them with a like buy one get one half off deal or something like that (Ulta has these every once and a while) because they're the priciest nail polishes. Definitely worth it though!


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