e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush

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it broke right after i bought it. but the bristles are nice, so i guess ill keep it.

I buy this brush all the time I LOVE it .When I apply my eyeshadow it goes on soft and last all day

LOVE IT! I could not live without this brush. I own six of these and they are just amazing for picking up alot of eyeshadow and i love them for any eyeshadow use even contouring. Also these can double as a brush for your mineral powder or regular powder for under eye concealing. Nice thick fluffy bristles and they practically dont shed. This is absolutely among my favorite products.

It's only a dollar and work really good! This is my must have eyeshadow brush!

I have not yet tried this product, hoping i can in the future(: i have heard wonderful reviews on it and its very soffttt i guess :D

I love this brush, its soft, supple, and blends easily. You can't beat the price, no matter where you go. Works just as good as any 20 dollar brush. I have recommended this brush to all my friends.

Who needs to buy MAC eyeshadow brushes at $15+ dollars when you can buy e.l.f.'s eyeshadow brush for $1? It does an amazing job at applying eyeshadow. I am never using sponge-tip applicators for my makeup routine again(the only way I will use sponge-tip applicators is on the go). Washing the eyeshadow brush is a breeze with this $1 eyeshadow brush.

I loves this dollar brush!!!! I'm not a huge makeup brush person (like my fingers), but this has converted me! I want t o try others!

i just bought this brush and i LOVE it! im deffinantly going to purchase the rest of the line.. the best thing bout this brush is how well it blends!

I definitely use this brush every day! It's great in quality and price, so you're killing two birds with one stone. It's soft and definitely works amazingly! Out of all the brushes, this is my favorite for eyeshadow.

quality and price, makes this product amazing!!! must have one in my make up collection and another one in my purse.

I LOVE this brush. I like the design of the brush, but the best part is it only costed me $1.00. The brush is so soft for only costing me a dollar. It's one of my favorite brushes I have ever used. It's so easy to pick up the eyeshadow that your using. I use this brush everytime i put on eyeshadow. Truely amazing.

This is an awesome brush especially for a $1! I've had mine for a year now; it has held up great and I love it. I use it everyday!

Great brust for being a just a dollar! However, sometimes mine falls apart between the wood and metal. I just put it back together but what do you expect for a 1$ brush.

This brush is great quality for the price! I used to use Q-tips to apply my eyeshadow, which work okay. Tried this brush out as it was only $1 and I have ditched the Q-tips! More cost effective than Q-tips and works much better!