Movie Twilight

Movie Twilight

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definitely a movie for the ladies~ i haven't read the book so i can be open to the movie. the romance was well acted. robert pattinson is a favorite actor of mine and i like hearing his British accent reveal itself on certain lines. The only part i had a problem with was 'what happens to vampires in the sun' that concept was a little strange and hard to take seriously.

Me and my husband loved it!!!! I thought it would be scary, but it's not at all!!!

I loved it ready for part 2

I love the movie, I never read the books before but I really enjoyed watching the movie.

I have just got to read this book!! =)

I didn't really like the movie. But then again I really didn't enjoy the books too. I guess it's just not my cup of tea. In the movie theater I found myself many times slouching in my seat and feeling very awkward. I don't think there was much chemistry between the two leading roles.

never seen this movie before would like to see it

This was a prety good movie. It wasn't the type of movie I would normally watch, but it kept me interested and I enjoyed it.

It was crap compared to the book way off. hoping the next will be better. pls for all of us i hope its better

Unfortunately, if you compare the movie to the could be dissappointed. The movie in itself was great. But the books were incredible! I have recommended the movie and books to many people.

Sorry, first time user, lol

The movie was ok, but the book was better. You should read the book before you see the movie.

Twlight was the best "vampire" yet too date... thanks for this can't wait for the next one

Amazing Movie, gave me chills and kept you in awe!

The movie was enjoyable but i loved the book much better. I can't wait for the rest!!