CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

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I miss my Chi!!!! I had a Chi straightener for year until it finally gave out. For Christmas a family member gave me a new straightener, but it's not a Chis and doesn't work too well. I'm saving up for a Chi! What I liked: The 1" was a good size. Big enough to get through thick hair quickly, but not too big to mess up my fine hairs at the scalp. Heat! The Chi got hot, and with thick course hair I need heat to get straight. Price. It's not the cheapest out there, but for the money the value is the best.

I have long hair that is thin with a slight wave- Chi is the best product for my hair.

This used to be my favorite straightener until I discovered the Sedu. Much better! The Chi is good, but is not the best out there. I have converted at least five Chi users

I absolutely love mine. Greatest straightener ever!!

I have super curly hair and have never been able to straighten my hair until I used the Chi! It was totally amazing, my family did not recognize me. Now I have options for styling my hair that I've never had before.

Works very well w/ just a couple swipes down my hair.

The CHI is a fantastic styling tool! However, remember to only go over each section once and BE SURE you have some sort of heat styling product on prior to use. Also, make sure not to use it on wet hair, and and always condition in between styling. As a stylist, I've seen many clients come in with severely damaged hair because of improper flat iron use.

I have curly hair that I blowdry and flat iron every day. For years, I would buy the cheaper $20 irons only to have them completely break after a few months. I would guess, on average, I was spending $60-$90 a year on irons because they would keep breaking (and of course, because they were cheap they had no warranties). I decided to plunk the $100ish on a Chi turbo and I've never looked back. I purchased it back in 2006, and it's still going strong this day. No replacements!! There are several Chis out there and I went with the Chi Turbo because it not only heats up extremely fast but it also has a dial for you to change the temp so it doesn't feel like you're frying you hair as much as a set-temp one. I know it's a lot of money, but it's totally worth up. Add up what you're spending on low quality irons in a year and for how many years you've been doing it. Enough said.

I absolutely love my CHI flatiron!! I have used and returned several other, cheaper brands and will never go back. I use my CHI daily with no damage to my hair.

I heard nothing but rave reviews about the CHI straightener, so I finally decided to purchase one. I was pleased that it provided great results for my hair, that sometimes seems to be unmanageable. I like this one because I feel that it's close to the quality of the ghd straightener, and it costs about half the price. All in all, it's a great quality straightener and I think I'll be switiching back and forth between this and my ghd, trying to figure out which one I love more. But, if you are considering one, it is definitely worth the money. The results are even better when you use the Silk Infusion.

My CHI is the best flat iron I've ever owned, its been great! I've had it for over 5 years and it still works just like it did out of the box.

I bought my Chi on ebay about 3 years ago for super cheap, I think $60 or so... it works beautifully! I have never had an iron that let me get such great results with minimal time and effort like the Chi does! Love it paired with the Silk Infusion drops too !

The price is worth it! My hairdresser talked me into spending the money for one because I was having to buy a new one every other month of the cheap ones and they just dried my hair out. The CHI does not dry my hair out, works fast, and my hair looks so much better with it. 2 years and it is still going strong! I would have spent a whole lot of more money on buying the cheap ones.

Omg, I LOVE my Chi!!! I have mid-back length super curly, thick black hair (I'm half Panamanian and god knows what else), and this straightener does wonders! It used to take me an hour and half to straighten my hair with a Revlon Wet-to-Straight (that was such a bad product idea), but with a Chi, I can straighten my hair in 30-45 minutes. No joke. It's a miracle product. I can go out dancing all night in the most humid places and still--no frizz!! Definitely invest in one. You can find them online with a little googling for as little as $80 --that's how much I paid.