EOS  Lip Balm Sphere

EOS Lip Balm Sphere

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I received 2 of these for free from EOS' promo from their website when it 1st came out. It smells so good (sweet mint) and works well.

I love the look of this product, but I have to carry it in my purse rather than in my pocket. Still, it works really well, and smells delicious.

It is kind of an odd shape to put in your pocket.... but it's different and smells good and actually works. I am a Carmex fanatic but this stuff wasn't too shabby in comparison and most other products are :)

I like this lip balm but I wish it would go on a little smoother.

This is a great lip balm:)

I think this lip balm is fantastic! It's easy to apply, the container is so cute, and it's organic! I also received a free sample in the mail and after trying it, went out and bought the other flavors as well. I love it!

This lip balm has the best container. It is so cute. It smells great and feels great when first applied. However, I feel that it doesn't get absorbed and once it wipes off, my lips are dry again.

This product is by far one of my favorite lip products on the market right now. I love the shape of the product itself, but the scent/flavor and the texture of the product is great. And best yet it is all organic! It has none of the chemicals that would actually damage your lips, so it keeps your lips soft and delicious all day!