Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

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Our family love them! We really enjoyed them with a cheese dip I made the most. But they were good with sour cream and salsa too. Even our little Chorkie dog loved them He crawled right in the bag to lick it out. It was really funny! I think the only negative I heard was my one son who said he thought there was a slight after tasted from eating the chips that he didn't like. But I was really surprised how fast they went and how much evereryone wanted me to get more. I do wish they were not quite so expensive. It will have to be one of those extra special treats now and then and something we will look forward to having.

My father absolutely loves them. I think they are perfect for anyone that likes a chip with a kick or semi-spicy food. The black bean tastes delicious and the garlic adds the spice to it. They also have a nice crunch to them and would go great with salsa.

Very Good! I think if you add salsa on top, it will perfect these delicious tortilla chips! I think I'll have to buy these again!

They are AWESOME-We loved them ,they are good just plain & with bacon horseradish dip. Then we put shredded Motz. cheese & a slice of Pepperoni on them , heated till just a bit melted. I really thought they would taste like beans or something- We were surprised. We are going to try the other flavor Chipotle next.

These chips were absolutely FANTASTIC! They have incredible flavor and texture and are well worth their retail price. I will definitely purchase again.

These were so good..I threw together a salsa recipe it was divine...You can eat these alone as well the bag was empty in no time!

Featured these at a party I had this past weekend and everyone LOVED them. They ate almost the whole bag. I featured them with a blackbean and corn salsa and the combo was amazing. I can't say enough about these chips! Just wish I had had some coupons to give to encourage them to go and buy some!

We served our bag of Tostitos at a party and everybody loved them! The added flavor makes it so that you don't even need salsa or dip along with them, they are great on their own! However, they are versatile enough that you can still dip them! I will definitely purchase these chips next time we're entertaining!

These chips were delicious. They tasted just like black beans and garlic, which was awesome! You can tell they are 9 grain and they have a nice dusting of flavoring on them as well. Great snack to enjoy with the people you love. They are also great with queso.

These chips are delicious! They are full of flavor and I didn't even make it to the fridge to open a jar of salsa because I couldn't stop eating them plain. My only issue with them is that a serving size is very small. I'm utilizing Weight Watchers right now and it was disappointing to learn that a serving (8 chips) was 4 points. Other than that, I really enjoyed them and am happy to share them with friends so they, too, can enjoy the flavor!

These reminded me of Doritos ranch chips. They were so tasty!

My husband opened the bag before I got a chance and exclaimed, " these chips are awesome!" I have to agree, the taste is excellent and I really enjoyed the crispness of the chips. I am looking forward to putting them out at our next party!!

I loved these chips! My husband did too - he snacked on one and was like, these are good, then he ate another and said, these are really good! I loved how they weren't too salty so you could eat them on your own or dip them in something else (we tried it with some Trader Joe's tomato basil hummus and edemame hummus and it was fantastic)! These chips were easy to find - I got mine at the local QFC and they were on sale!

Used my coupon for the Roasted Garlic and Black Bean. Served them to guests with salsa and was completely in love with these!!! You don't have to serve them with anything because they have such great taste by themselves! My husband even commented how great they taste. Needless to say they didn't last long. My friends ask what they were and the next time I went to our local grocer the black bean version was sold out!!! ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!

These chips have so much flavor and taste so good! I served these Tostitos at a party with friends and everyone loved them. They have a lot of crunch and such a great taste. They aren't greasy like potatoes chips and have lots of crunch. I love the garlic flavoring, which makes them taste great on their own without dip.