Perdue Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Chicken Nuggets

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I loved this product and now i buy them all the time and the kids love them as well

This product was great, it tasted good for being so all natural and my son really enjoyed it.

Yummy chicken nuggets!!! My kids LOVED these! I have to tell you, even I liked them! Easy to prepare for quick meals!

I have the pickiest child around. These are one of maybe 10 things he eats. Real chicken and fresh.

Very good and tasty much better than I expected!!!

My kids have tried all different kinds of chicken nuggest and these are the only chicken nuggets my boys will eat.

LOVE that the are all white meat AND that there is the whole wheat variety to make it even healthier! My son LOVES these and now requests that we buy them and is disappointed if we get another brand.

my kids love nuggets and these ones are the best thing to having white meat that does not taste fake.

For what they are (processed chicken nuggets) these are the best we have tried. I purchase the whole grain breaded version and bake them. Serve immediately. Purchase in refrigerated area of grocery stores where lunch meat is sold.

These are by far the best chicken nuggets out there.

Who needs McNuggets when you have Perdue Nuggets! A major lifesaver for my whole family when life gets hectic and works is overtime.

nuggets when ever you want. Super tasty, fresh, and like homemade. a simple protein rich meal for the family.

These are the only way to make my kids eat chicken,. I feel good about giving my family a high quality product.

my kids love these chicken nuggets and these ones are very good having white meat that does not taste fake. I usually purchase 3-pack of these from BJ's for only $10..

My family loves the brand perdu!! And we love chicken nuggets! I definitely recommend buying this brand for chicken nuggets! They don't taste like cardboard like other brands! It's the,real stuff!