e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush

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Love the price, huge selection of brushes and they work really well, but for me they fall apart. Although bristles stay put, the metal just tends to separate from the handle. I really prefer ecotools to these and when you break it down by price, especially with the coupons and freebies in the ecotools pack, they seem to be more worth my money. In fact ecotools would be my ONLY brush brand if only they have more brush types available...the quality is the same or better than a lot of expensive brands imo.

I LOVE THIS EYESHADOW BRUSH!! It was only a dollar and it lasts!

It's only a dollar but it works great!! This is the first eyeshadow brush I have ever owned and will own for a long time!! You can't beat the price and it works great!!

I really want to try these!

The best brush from this line. Caution that every single one of them look like they are made differently. Depending on the one you get, it may be a different experience. Caution: Sometimes the brush is made poorly and the handle may separate from the actual brush. Other than that, very functional for a dollar.

this packs on color CRAZY good, i have two!

this is my favorite eyeshadow brush and its only $1 thats crazy! i recommend this to anyone!

I have worked for M.A.C for 11 yrs & i have to say that ELF's brushes are great quality ..way beyond the price ..

Very very very good brush! The quality is amazing and I own several. Every time I order from the elf website I pick up a few. This is a must have for me!

it broke right after i bought it. but the bristles are nice, so i guess ill keep it.

I buy this brush all the time I LOVE it .When I apply my eyeshadow it goes on soft and last all day

LOVE IT! I could not live without this brush. I own six of these and they are just amazing for picking up alot of eyeshadow and i love them for any eyeshadow use even contouring. Also these can double as a brush for your mineral powder or regular powder for under eye concealing. Nice thick fluffy bristles and they practically dont shed. This is absolutely among my favorite products.

It's only a dollar and work really good! This is my must have eyeshadow brush!

I have not yet tried this product, hoping i can in the future(: i have heard wonderful reviews on it and its very soffttt i guess :D

I love this brush, its soft, supple, and blends easily. You can't beat the price, no matter where you go. Works just as good as any 20 dollar brush. I have recommended this brush to all my friends.