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  • hampdek hampdek

    Come for the artichoke dip and stay for the atmosphere and cheap entrees. Applebees is a nice place for a first date or social gathering

  • BostonSox BostonSox

    I haven't gone in more than a year. While I loved their salad, the fact that most of their food is extremely high in fat has crossed them off my restaurant list. There are so many other, healthier choices near me.

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  • NYYankees By  NYYankees    

    I want to make good on my promise I made to those I have talked to at Applebees. I had a horrible experience along with some co-workers and wanted to share it. We were on a break during a professional development day at school. Those days we treat ourselves. It took us 45 minutes to get our food. This is after 2 trips to the manager to complain. The manager argued with us that we were wrong. I have never had a manager argue with me like this one did. He kept telling us that it only took us 20 minutes to get our food according to their computer. Being teachers we documented everything. I finally asked for a number at corperate. A guy came out that claimed he was the general manager. He looked like kitchen help the way he was dressed and acted. He didn't know anything other then giving us the post it that had the number. I have called this number once a week and left a mesage for the regional manager and she does not call me back. So on my last message I tolder her I would be sharing my story and this is one of theways I am doing so. Thank you for listening


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