CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

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I am a Hairstylist and use this Flat Iron everyday. I love it and recommend it to my co-workers and friends. It heats up fast, maintains the heat and is easy to clean.

LOVE my chi..just wish it wasnt so expensive

I purchased a CHI iron from a large warehouse store for $69.00. I used it for two weeks and it stopped working on me. The cord would short out at first. I would hold it in a certain position and it would work then after a while it stopped doing that. I contacted the warehouse store and they stated they no longer carried that item. When I contacted the Farouk company and explained what happened they insisted they never approved for the warehouse company to sell them. So needless to say it was great while it lasted but in the end I ended up being burned.

If you have never used or owned the CHI, no matter how good you think your flat iron is...the CHI is 10 times better. Yeah, its a little pricy to purchase (around $100), however, they come with a warranty. Most professional salons will only use this brand. It leaves your hair smooth and completely straight and its not hard on your hair like some of the other brands out there. I have very long hair and before I purchased my CHI my hair would sometimes break from my old iron. I will never use anything else.

I purchase a Chi before we went to Europe and I loved it. I didn't have to spend hours straighting my hair and my hair never got frizzy. But the last hotel we were at something must of happened to my electric adaptor and it killed my Chi. So now I have to buy another one because I know no other iron will do except a Chi.

Its the Chi!! You don't get any better when it comes to flat irons!! This is the first flat iron I have ever bought 7 years ago, since then I have only bought 2. They last a long time and do a great job. The first one I bought would of lasted a lot longer if I hadn't plugged it into the wrong voltage in Thailand. Trust me, chi has allowed me to have straight hair, without everyday is a bad hair day.

I absolutely love my Chi Hair Straightener. I bought my first one 4 years ago and will only use a Chi now. I rely on it to help protect my hair from heat damage, plus it does an amazing job on straightening my crazy waving hair out!

I seriously could not live without my CHI. You pay a little more for the products, but it is SO worth it!!! It heats up in a flash, it straightens my hair with ease..I Just LOVE IT!! and you will too!!!!

Love it! Best straightener I've ever owned.

I got a Chi a few years ago at the recommendation of my stylist as a great product and while it is a little on the expensive side, it gets hot fast, heats even and straightens quickly. I really like my Chi and would recommend it to anyone.

The all time best straightener out there. My hair is very curly, but the my Chi works wonders on it.

The best on the market in that I have tried.

i really loved my chi, which my husband bought for me for christmas until it had a short circuit . i had to continuously move the cord so the led light would turn on so it would work, i eventually bought a new flat iron at marshalls made from the same manufacturer (Faruk) called Biosilk. It works good too but nothing beats the Chi in my opinion. They need to do something so the cord won't mess up. As far as the price it's way too high but well worth it. I would buy it again.

The REGULAR Chi irons are fabulous! I have been using them for almost 10 years. Each one usually last 3 years or so before it stops heating properly. Fortunately when that happens, you can just mail it back to Chi headquarters in Texas for like $30 and they will send you a brand new one! My brother bought me the Chi Nano when it was time for a new one a couple years ago--it was great because it heated up so quickly and had a REALLY high temperature--but I went through 3 in one year. The overall quality of the product is terrible because it doesn't last, although their customer service has been very understanding and helpful. I now have the Chi Air--it seems to work similarly to the regular chi.

I purchased a Chi for my daughter who was 16 at the time for a Christmas gift. I got a great deal on during a black Friday sale at Sephoria and it was what she wanted badly. At first I thought I could not believe that she wanted such an expensive hair straightener and thought what could possibly be so great about this straightener. She opened it on Christmas morning and was so happy. I wanted to know why it was so great, so I tried it on my own hair. Wow it is an amazing product. Like many others have said it did a fantastic job at making my hair straight and it did not have to be straightened again after work to go to dinner. The style stayed all day long. I have to say that it has been well worth the price as she uses it daily and it is still like new. If I would have bought her a cheaper model, I would have had to replace it by now. I think it is a wonderful product that perfoms well and is very durable. :)