Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

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I love this! You can feel it exfoliating, smells great, and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry. I am switching to this line. Its affordable and gentle on the skin.

Received it yesterday, tried it this morning. Verdict: I am in love!! I rarely use scrubs on my face, and was hoping that I was going to get one of the other products. This scrub is wonderful. Very gentle, very cleansing, but non-drying. I noticed that other members wanted a scented version, but my whole reason for being excited about the product is that it IS non-scented and clean and fresh. Now I am going to get out and grab up some of the moisturizer. I really appreciate the chance to try this product. Thanks, She Speaks!!

Not to be cynical--I'm very grateful for a free product--but this facial scrub is pretty much like any other facial scrub I've used. I noticed the price of the product when I visited Walgreens and now, having tried it, I would probably opt for my regular $3 generic facial scrub that seems to do just as well at exfoliating and hydrating my skin. The smell is not very pleasing to me although it's not noxious by any means. It does seem to leave a "soapy" feeling when I wash it off (perhaps partially due to my well water) but that does make me think that it is hydrating my skin. Overall, it's fine. It does it's job.

I love this face wash! Makes your skin hydrated, smooth and fresh! I LOVE it!

I like it. Not to rough on my skin. It could smell better, but it's not bad.

This is the freebie I received from SheSpeaks. I love it except for the scent. It is gentle on my fair skin and leaves my face feeling very smooth. I would rather a different scent, but I will use a good product until I have finished it. I am concerned about parabens being an ingredient. Those 2 issues make me rate it only a 4. Other than that it is a keeper. I would love to try other Simple products.

I am enjoying using this scrub. I don't use it every day, but I am using it about every 3rd day in the shower in the mornings and I think it is helping to make my skin smoother. Unlike some reviews I've read on here, I actually wish the little scrubbing beads were bigger (a little coarser) and that there were more of them in the scrub because I like to really feel like I am exfoliating the dead skin off of my face. Also, I know it is supposed to be all natural and that is probably why there is not much of a fragrance to it, but I wish it had a stronger fragrance. Overall, it is a nice scrub and I do think it is working nicely on my skin. I will look into purchasing other products in this line, especially for such a great price. Thanks!

I love thiscrub! The little micro beads help smooth my skin so softly! It smells great and feels great!

I really like this product. It made my face feel clean and fresh. My son used and he also liked it.

LOVE! my hubby & 7yo son even tried it! they loved it 2! my hubby said it made his face feel great. he used it after he shaved the stupid beard he was growing off. & my son well mommy was trying something new so he wanted to try he said it felt good! & felt like it got all the dirt off his face! lol i loved it also! i think im HOOKED!

I really like that this product is fragrance free and hypoallergenic. I have really sensitive skin and those two things are a must for me in skin care products. I've been using the facial scrub for a few days now and my skin is feeling smoother and softer. It doesn't irritate or dry my skin at all and it doesn't make me break out. Since I've been using it, my skin does seem oilier. I don't think this is from the product itself, but I think it's because all of the dead cells are being scrubbed away and my pores are being opened up. I think this will balance out after continued use. The only thing I don't like about a scrub cleanser is that I can't use it around my eyes. So I have to use a different cleanser to remove my eye makeup. Other than that, this product is a winner and I plan to continue using it!

This product is really great. Unfortunately though, I do have acne and it really doesn't clear that up. But as far as making your skin feel great and making it glow, it does do that. When I wash my face with it I can feel these little beads/crystals and they are kind of rough which worried me, but after I rinsed it off and looked at my face in the mirror, it was like a total transformation. It smells great too. If it would help with my acne too, I would have given it a five star.

Thanks for the product. This stuff works wonders for me. I really do like the way it makes my skin feel.

I wasn't a huge fan. I have to admit I was disappointed to look on the ingredient list and see parabens. That kind of threw a wrench into my intial thought of the product. From the package coloring, the website, and wordings on the product, I thought it would be a 'green' product and it just isn't...I know my review isn't and unbiased veiw, but I am not a fan of putting certain chemicals on my face. I am glad to see that other people have great things to say, so if you aren't a 'green' person, you just may like this product!

This is a good, simple scrub. I find the scent to be a bit too strong and displeasing for my personal taste, which is the only reason I wouldn't recommend it. The smell is enough to deter me from purchasing it again, although the product, itself, seems to work just fine.