Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

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I can't even put my finger(or should I say taste buds) on it. I really don't like the flavor of the fire roasted chipotle. I could only eat a few of them before I decided that I just don't care for them. I have no interest in eating anymore of the bag and would not buy them.

I served the Tostitos Garlic and Black Bean along with regular chips and Doritos and these were the hit! Everyone loved them - kids and adults alike!.

I tried the chipotle Tostitos. They were fantastic! Like a grown up Dorito! I will purchase again!

I personally tried the Roasted Garlic & Black Bean chips and I think they are amazing! I like them so much that I can eat them with no dip. However, I found the Roasted Garlic & Black Bean chips are also great with salsa or taco dip. I hosted a party where I served these chips and my guests loved them. I have already purchased another bag! See my full review and shared recipe at my blog, The Children's Nook:

can i just say YUMMY !!! I LOVE THE NEW ARTISIAN CHIPS . black bean is my ultimate favorite . i hate to say it but i can consume an entire bag all to myself !! Is that bad ??

These have become one of my favorite kinds of chips. I love the flavor and definitely plan to buy them again.

These remind me of the Hint of Lime chips with the tasty flavoring, but I love the fact that they are whole grain. I eat salsa on just about everything, but I actually prefer these plain!

These were delicious! I made nachos out of them at first, then realized that they had a great flavor all on their own and just dipped them in salsa! I will def be buying them again!

At first bite, I was not sure if I liked it. It was much sweeter than usual tortilla chips. I soon found myself grabbing for the rest of the chips in the bag without any dip!

We tried the bag of the Artisan Galic and Black bean chips on our first night of vacation in Florida. They were incredible! While my family did not want me to take pictures of our evenings together, I can assure you that every evening we ended it with a new bag of Artisan chips. My sister-in-law said, "well this will be something I won't buy again." I was shocked, she had been raving over them just the evening earlier. So I turned my head quickly and said "WHAT"? She said, "well, I mean I will be eating the whole bag!" We will be polishing off another this evening even though we are home. They are delicious!

I am not a chip fan so was skeptical of these but they are WONDERFUL! They taste like a fresh deli product. The texture is light and crisp, the spices are warm and flavorful but not overwhelming. They have an earthy quality and taste so good as they are that I could not bring myself to dip them in anything. We did have them alongside toasted ham and cheddar sandwiches which went well together. Then I found myself snacking on the chips alone (again). What a great product!

These are awesome! We had them at a family gathering and everyone enjoyed them and a few people even asked where I got them. We paired it up with homemade salsa and also with a bean dip. Our daughter liked them just plain though. They had great flavoring already, they just made the salsa "POP" with flavor. THX Tostito's !!!!! WILL BUY AGAIN !!! =)

they are very good, but very salty. would like them to have a little less salt. other wise the flavor is great.

These chips are really....really good. I served the chips to ladies at a fitness club and they thought they were great. We tried the Roasted Garlic & Black Beans chips and they were bursting with flavor.

Love this flavor. They're perfect to snack on, no dip required! Great way to add some whole grain in my day.