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  • MasterofMom MasterofMom

    This stuff tasted fine and is great if you want a large dose of Vitamin C, but the whole 'immune system' thing didn't work for me. My kids were coming down with a cold and I took a ton of this stuff thinking that I'd be able to avoid the cold, but I had it worse than anyone!!

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  • Stephbff By  Stephbff    

    I first tried Emergen-C three years ago when I was in college. I was feeling a little low on energy during finals and saw this product while standing in a check out line. It claimed to boost health and energy with a lot of vitamin C. It was only .50c a packet ($9 for a box at Walmart, a box equals 30 paackets) so I gave it a try. I poured the powder in to my water bottle, gave it and shake and drank it. I found it refreshing and it did not taste bad. About ten to fifteen minutes after drinking Emergen-C, I felt a boost in energy and alertness. The best part is that I was not all jittery and there was no crash afterward. Furthermore, I started taking emergen-C during cold and flu season and noticed that I would not get as sick as I did in past years. I have tried Emergen-C in a couple different flavors; orange, strawberry and lemon lime. I enjoyed the fizzy taste of each flavor (mixed in cold water). Besides the three flavors I have mentioned there are also a number of other flavors such as; acai, cherry, raspberry and apracot-mango to name a few. Moreover, Emergen-C has flavors geared towards heart, bone and joint support.


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