Red Box DVD Rentals

Red Box DVD Rentals

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Only used a couple of times. We really have no need for it as we have cable TV with all the premium channels and On Demand.

I love that you can rent a movie and drop it back off at any Redbox location... however the quality of movie options are low. Most of the movies that I see at Redboxes are ones that I've already seen/have no interest in seeing/don't want to see again.

I like Red box, but always seem to forget to return my movie. I find Netflix more convenient! I can pre order my movies to be delivered and no late fees when I forget to mail them! Also Netflix has a much larger selection and is never out of stock!! Save your money :)

Love how they've expanded into blu-rays and video games. Unfortunately for me though, half the time I want a movie it's out of stock and so many of the movies available on RedBox are also on Netflix now. It's great for getting new movies though!!

It's admittedly sometimes tempting to peruse the red box as I leave the supermarket, before heading home. I pause and contemplate it. Then keep walking. Because let's face it, my streaming device has every app I could ever want for renting cheap movies that I don't have to come back to the store to return. Red box was a great idea until the internet jumped forward again and gave us everything ever recorded at our digital fingertips. I feel like Red box will go the way of the video store shortly. But, thanks for the mostly pleasant memories, minus the time you charged me twenty bucks for a movie that I returned despite your protests.

I like redbox for the most part. I like being able to reserve online and I like they send you free rentals. However there have been a few occasions that I reserve online and the kiosk was broke and it was a hassle to get my money back. Customer service is decent but the hold time can be annoying.

I use RedBox often, It is not asa convenient as ordering a rental on line if you are able. if you can not order movies off the tv or gaming system then RedBox is an excellent and less expensive way to rent movies

Hmmm Used it a lot 3-5 years ago and kind of fizzled out when reality tv kicked in AND the option to wait a little longer and the movie would hit cable. Not a big movie fan either. It does help when traveling, relocating etc.

Going to the movies is pricey so RedBox is a nice alternative. I can watch fairly recent movies at home and save my money for movie dates. The only thing for me is remembering to return the DVDs on time! On the other hand, my local grocery store has a Red Box so it's very convenient for me.

Not convenient for me I get a free rental for my birthday every year. The bad part about Redbox is that it is mostly DVD rentals and the birthday coupon is just to get a rental at my local redbox. The local redbox does not have the movie that I want to rent. In addition to that, the coupon does not seem to work for the Redbox On Demand rentals, which is more convenient for me.

i like it, the only problem i see is that a lot of times when i rent from here, the cd is scratched so bad! its time consuming to go back and try to get a replacement...

I used to love redbox because they always have good new movies but recently I got charged with no warning for a dvd I returned and they charged full price

Redbox has always been hit or miss for me. There is usually only one or two movies out of the selection that I would like to watch! I'm not crazy about the price increase, but its still cheaper than renting from iTunes or your cable ondemand. Lets just say I'm on the fence with it.

The quality of movies has really gone down. There used to be a time when I would always find something enjoyable. Now that's few and far between. It's all violence and demons.

Redbox is already outdated and that was only 10 years ago. It was definitely a step up from a Blockbuster but not by much. In recent visits to a redbox I rarely find anything that looks good to watch that I can't already watch for free on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or HBO. One of the better things about Redbox is that it is pretty convenient with how many there are around the country and that you can return it to any redbox closest to you. Overall, I think that it is going to be a thing of the past really soon