Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume

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97% Recommended
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The Is My Favorite Perfume Scent. Its very fresh and clean not overbaring. My Mother-n-Law get me a set every year on My Birthday.

love this scent! its so fresh.

Light and refreshing scent. You can wear this in every season. Love it!

This smells fabulous! I no longer wear it as A LOT of people tend to have this fragrance now.

This is one of the best scents i have ever used. I am currently running low, because it is my go to scent. It is light and makes me feel sexy. I always get compliments while wearing it. I love it. I hate to share this one, because its mine and i want it all for me. It lasts all day and is worth every penny and maybe even more.

This has been my go to perfume for 8 years now. It can be used for any occasion and time. It is light and refreshing but can be used for all seasons.

I normally am a big opponent of using something that everyone around me is using (e.g. Coach bags, UGG boots etc) but Light Blue by Dolce&Gabana is the only exception. Amazing, light, fresh and memorable fragrance that is good to wear during any season and fits most women! My mother-in-law, her daughter and myself are huge fans. In fact, I am giving this perfume as a Christmas gift this year, and I know they are going to love it!

BEST SCENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

VERY light...clean and not offensive...Can be worn to the gym and to the office...You can layer and layer all day long and it still smells the same as when you first applied it!...Great for all ages!

Great light scent. Fresh, not heavy. Have worn it for years and it never fails to get a compliment at least once a week. Long lasting as well. Stays for the entire day.

My all-time favorite perfume. People say it smells so good on me. Just love the light scent.

One of my favorites. I went through this bottle so fast. I really wore it for anything. It is a must buy!!!

Love this perfume! My sister gave this to me for xmas back in HS when i was 16 I am not 24 yrs old and still use this perfume. I always get complements. Recommend for the summer!

This is my "go to" fragrance when I want to smell clean and fresh with a bite. Also own D & G #3 perfume whichi is a close second! Love Light Blue and you will too!

Very light and fresh scent. A perfect day time perfume!