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  • MeloJelo By  MeloJelo    

    i think Moisture Surge is very comparable. however i do like this product. a bit pricey

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  • alwaysblabbing By  alwaysblabbing    

    This is a good product if your skin is dry but not to use on a daily basis. I find if my skin is not dry it leaves me feeling greasy and oily. I use it when I have a sunburned nose although it burns a little it works to make my skin soft in a short amount of time

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  • lilitalia822 By  lilitalia822    

    Love how light and smooth this is and truly does feel like water is blasting your face! Love this product!

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  • tricia12 By  tricia12    

    I received a free sample of this it is alright but not the best, i would never pay the asking price for because i have used better ones you can buy at the local drugstore/supermarket.

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  • mau_loa By  mau_loa    

    Because they package this moisturizer in a jar, it deactivates the main ingredient. Otherwise, I love the feeling on my face. It feels like it works, but the packaging ruins it.

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  • gabrielsmommy By  gabrielsmommy    

    I received a small sample and i have to say that it is of good quality and moisturizes.

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  • angel437 By  angel437    

    I love Clinique products. I use this product daily with the 3 step skincare system by Clinique.

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  • MalloryKay By  MalloryKay    

    Wonderful product. I have extremely dry patches with extremely oily patches. This product is great for the spot treatments. However, I think the regular Moisture Surge - at a fraction of the price, does an equally good job.

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  • Desertrose81 By  Desertrose81    

    I used to use this but I haven't in awhile due to cost. To me its quite expensive. But when I did use this I noticed an improvement in my skin the texture and the appearance. It made my skin softer and held the moisture. Good buy for someone with combination skin. It gets rid of flaky skin without an oily residue.

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  • Shahn5 By  Shahn5    

    I love this product makes you skin feel refreshing , cool, and moisturized.

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  • mcreason16 By  mcreason16    

    A little too oily for daily use on my combo skin, but Moisture Surge is excellent on those dry days - or for dry patches. Clean, fresh - I keep mine in the fridge to refresh my skin at the end of a long day! You won't regret trying it!

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  • Snobuni77 By  Snobuni77    

    This stuff is great! I have oily skin & this didnt make it worse. It made my skin feel clean & fresh.One of my favorite Clinique products actually & I have been trying moisturizers & products from Clinique, Lancome, Este Lauder, you name it. Def better then most of the others Ive tried.

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  • deedoesmakeup By  deedoesmakeup    

    Great for keeping my skin from getting dry.Does'nt break out my sensitive skin.Love it!

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  • conpeps By  conpeps    

    Tried this and it really did'nt work that great for me. I have really dry skin, so it was'nt fo me.

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  • Charbalily By  Charbalily    

    does not leave an oily feel, I felt a physical difference in my skin in just a few short days! You do not have to use a ton of it to get results.

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