Red Box DVD Rentals

Red Box DVD Rentals

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I like Red Box, I use it as a supplement for my Netflix subscription or when I want a new DVD fast. I am a member of their insiders club, which is free, and I get a text message every monday with a code for a free one night rental from red box. If this is something you use often, give it a try.

One of my favorite things to do is get a Red Box movie. Very cheap. I generally don't have any problems. When a new release comes out it is usually a couple weeks before I am able to rent it, due to popularity.

We do this quite often...nice to come home after grocery shopping and watch a movie w/ my family on a friday night!

I love being able to rent movies at RedBox!! They seem to have all the new releases and the convenience it the greatest. The price of one dollar per night is the best!!

easy to use & the price is unbeatable and soon they will be carrying games as well!

Love Redbox! It's so easy to pick up a movie while I am grocery shopping and I love that it can be returned at any red box. And of course you can't beat the price.

This is an awesome service. I can find the movie I want and reserve it online and pick it up in one swipe. I only wish I could remember to return them within 24 hours!

Have chase card that I have to use at least 5 times a week for past three months have used card at red box. Love it! An I love how they send you free movies online as well if you sign up.

I use it all the time. whenever we're bored, we grab 2 movies for a buck each (1 for the adults and one for the 3 year old), grab some snacks, and snuggle up to my man...So simple to use and very inexpensive for pretty new movies.

red box is a pretty good deal. they may not a huge selection... but they always have a few good movies worth watching.

I like redbox my only complaints inlcude: I wish there was more of a selection, and I wish the new releases came out sooner.

Redbox is great. It is super simple, and super quick. Plus there are lots of codes online for free rentals. I <3 it!

It's a great service. It's cheaper than Blockbusters and it's conveniently located in my grocery store. I like the idea that I can reserve the movie and it'll be there for me. It's has alot of current movies but sometimes it's out already. But for a dollar and change you can't beat it.

I love renting movies from the redbox.

The movie stores are all dissapearing now. RedBox is springing up everywhere and they are super cheap and real convenient!!! You can return them to any RedBox which I love. The drawback is they are always out of what I want. You sure cant beat the price!!