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  • debsmad debsmad

    I am not a teen girl but I *LOVED* this book and would put it in my Top 5 Favorites. A lot of people like to rip on Stephanie Meyer's writing, saying she lacks talent, but she told a fine story here. I was sucked into the budding relationship between Bella and Edward. I loved Edward's slightly cocky and arrogant personality, and how he struggled to let himself just be himself around Bella. There were some weak points, like if James was really so good and vampires are really so fast, why couldn't he just zip in-kill Bella-zip out-move on? But whatever, it was a fun little story to lose yourself in, and I loved that it was a story that almost could happen, and not some total fantasy thing.

  • Page55 Page55

    Horrible writing. I threw the book across the room about half way through it. The writing is just so bad. I finished it but would never read another book by this author. Bella was an endlessly irritating character - just toooooo perfect . . . .

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  • awheel3er By  awheel3er    

    The Twilight series is fantastic! Meyers made her characters easy to relate to and an incredibly enjoyable read. I loved the first 3 books, but was a little disappointed by the ending in the 4th book. I felt like everything the first 3 books led up to fell flat here.


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