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  • sheedeals sheedeals

    I received Drip-Drop-ORS-Berry-Flavor as a free sample from shespeaks. I was waiting to try it and did it today. My child's school nurse called up saying that my daughter has headache and nausea and looks pale and dehydrated. I immediately opened up my drip drop pack and gave a glass full of this to her when she came back home. She sure was dehydrated. She felt better wit this. It is very convenient to have this rather than carrying a bulky bottles or keep something which gets expired soon (pedialyte - u have to use it within 24 hours of opening). We all like the berry flavor , it wud be great if it comes in more flavor. thank you for my sample.

  • mab6284 mab6284

    I am not a fan of the berry flavor. It tastes really synthetic. I have tried many water additives with varying degrees of satisfaction. I wish the powder had mixed a little better in the water but I did feel more hydrated after than just drinking water. My bigger concern that flavor was the labeling of only using drip drop under medical supervision.

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  • JohnMM By  JohnMM    

    The berry flavor is delicious.


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