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  • missmossy By  missmossy    

    Yummy stuff! Great for when you are on the go and need that 'lil kick start. I like the vanilla the best as well.

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  • dlcspeaks By  dlcspeaks    

    While on a 24hour shopping spree for Black Friday deal I discovered this while waiting in a massive line. It was delish and kept us going until Starbucks opened!!

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  • waltenja By  waltenja    

    I love to chill and blend with ice or ice cream in the summer for a frosty treat!

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  • FeliciaBauer By  FeliciaBauer    

    Extremely addicting! Love these when I need a kick!

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  • Neria86 By  Neria86    

    I love any starbucks product and these are def. great when I cant make my trip to the store!!!

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  • ciegleparis By  ciegleparis    

    The Starbucks bottled Mocha Frappucino is one of my favorite treats, especially after a long day at work. Good strong coffee flavor, nice chocolate flavor, creamy, and satisfying. The price isn't too bad if you buy the flat at a warehouse club store, if you have the willpower to ration the Frappucino out to yourself, and not give into drinking them instead of anything else. The warehouse clubs I shopped at offer flats of all Mocha flavor, or a mixed flat of four or so flavors. The other standard and special seasonal flavors are okay, but the mocha remains my absolute favorite flavors and the only flavor I buy any more.

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  • babsywabs By  babsywabs    

    Love this, but don't love the calorie content. I allow myself one once a year on my birthday, as my special treat.

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  • snousje By  snousje    

    These are especially delicious if they are partially frozen then shaken well before drinking. A great summertime treat! Yummy!!!

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  • bernicecookie By  bernicecookie    

    Enjoyable; not nearly as good as their hand made drinks of the same flavor ( so don't expect it) but very good. A good friend during a calm late night.

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