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Rubbermaid Freshworks

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I received a three piece set to test out, and I'm so glad we did! We have loved using these Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers. I love that the Rubbermaid FreshVent lid is secure but still easy to remove. I have arthritis in my fingers and lids these are often a real challenge to me. My produce is staying fresher longer, well long enough for the kids to eat it all and nothing is ending up in the trash. At the end that is all that matters to me! (?This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks.?)

Keeps fresh produce fresher longer This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks. I put FreshWorks containers to the test by storing fresh strawberries, I put 3 large strawberries in FreshWorks container and 3 large strawberries I left in a store bought container. Six days later the strawberries in FreshWorks container appeared fresher and harder vs. strawberries that were left in store bought container appeared a bit darker, softer and mushier. The largest FreshWorks container is fantastic too. Not only it can fit the entire huge bag of mixed green purchased from wholesale club, but the mixed greens were able to keep fresh for 10 days without bad smell or leaves going bad. Containers are very easy to store and organize in the refrigerator.

Saved Us Money, Eliminated Waste With the best of intentions, we buy vast amounts of fresh produce for our family. Yet, it seems that each week we through out over half of it. We were thrilled to try Rubbermaid FreshWorks to try and keep our produce fresh longer. After trying the containers, we found that the shelf-life of our produce was actually extended! From spinach to grapes and berries, the containers saved us money and eliminated the waste. This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks.

Keeps produce fresh longer! We eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and I get so mad at myself when produce goes bad before we eat! Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Savers are wonderful and help our produce stay fresh longer than it does in the store containers. They are perfect for all of the Farmer's Market veggies I bring home on Saturdays! I love how they stack nicely in the fridge too. My only problem is that I need more of them! {I received a set of containers free from SheSpeaks. All opinions are 100% my own.}

A Must Have for Large Families This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks I've been using Rubbermaid® FreshWorksTM for about two weeks now and I am highly impressed with results. Bags of lettuce that used to last 2-3 days now last a week at least in the large container. Strawberries are something we buy a lot of and lately the store quality hasn't been fantastic so I love that the medium container is extending the life on them by days. I've used the small container for both blueberries and carrots so far and the blueberries lasted way more than week. Rubbermaid® FreshWorksTM are a must have especially for large families who stock up at the store.

Keeps Produce Fresher, Longer This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks. I put FreshWorks to the test by storing fresh strawberries, green peppers, and squash in three different FreshWorks containers. Two weeks later the produce was still fresh! I'm saving money because I'm no longer throwing out old produce. I'm extremely impressed!

Impressive I have to say, I am pretty impressed with these containers. Over the past several months, I had thrown away way too much produce, and had actually thought, "I wish there were containers to help with this!" Lo and behold, Rubbermaid came out with these FreshWorks containers. My wish was granted! It's always disappointing when produce goes to waste, but I think it is especially heartbreaking when you spend the extra money on organic produce and that too is wasted. It's almost like adding insult to injury. When I received my FreshWorks containers, the first thing I put into them were some beautiful fresh strawberries. Then I got busy with preparing for a wedding, company coming from out of state and lost track of how long they had been in the refrigerator. Imagine my relief when I opened the lid to discover that the strawberries looked just as good as the day I had bought them! I love these containers and they will be getting a great deal of use with my fresh produce from the garden this summer. {This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks}

Reducing Produce Waste I am so often throwing out produce that has gone bad before we could eat it. So frustrating! Rubbermaid FreshWorks is amazing! The containers come in the perfect sizes for fresh produce. I like the clear design so I can easily see what is stored inside. I have found my produce lasts far longer when stored in my FreshWorks containers. I highly recommend FreshWorks! {This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks. All opinions are my own.}

I was so excited to try FreshWorks because I usually have trouble eating all my produce before it starts to go bad - and I was happy that these containers worked well to keep my fruits and veggies fresh! I had a bunch of grapes that I stored in FreshWorks for an impressive amount of time - several weeks, and they never would have lasted that long in store packaging! This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks.