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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    Love zombies and this has gone beyond the zombies to an awesome story line. Amc has stepped up their series.

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  • Mahammann By  Mahammann    

    Love this show. Very entertaining, lots of plot twists. Very neat show all-around, me and my boyfriend are hooked! And did I say zombies!!

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  • JesseGBaby By  JesseGBaby    

    Preparing us for a zombie attack! Love it

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  • kitakat08 By  kitakat08    

    This show is awesome. Yes, it has zombies but that's not why I love it. Although, zombies are pretty cool. I like watching the characters develop and how they react to varies situations that they encounter. You can start watching it on Netflix but be warned once you start watching, you'll be hooked.

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