Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Scrub

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This was a great surprise for my first Cravebox. It was a generous size and smells divine. I like the way that it made my skin feel after I used it- Very Soft! This is a product that I will probably buy again and it is not expensive. Great value for the money! Thank you Cravebox!

I love scrubs and this one is nice and thick. It has a wonderful smell. I would definitely buy this again.

This scrub was awesome! it smelled delicious and made my skin baby soft. It is my favorite scrub ever.

This is one of the best scrubs on the market. It smells wonderful!

When I finally got this away from my 9 year old to try, this was awesome. The smell was the best and exfoliated beautifully

Smells divine! I'm going to give to a friend - that's how much I think of this product! Great packaging, fantastic smell - can't wait to hear if she loves it!!!!

This scrub is delicious. It smells so fresh and clean and invigorating in the morning, it helps get me going for the day. I love the lime, but would also love the try the Mango, so maybe they'll put a Mango flavor in a box. I always love to try these things before buying them outright because my sense of smell is so acute. And this scent did nothing but cause enjoyment. I highly recommend it and it worked great at exfoliating my skin, including where I had sunburn that had started peeling. I love it and it's disappearing fast!!

I like this product,after using this my skin is so smooth ,and the smell is also good

The beautiful color and packaging of this product alone is enough to make me like it! Unfortunately, I'm not a sugar scrub user so I won't actually be using it, but I am saving it as a gift for my mother-in-law who loves sugar scrubs. I can't wait to hear how she likes it! It's a nice gift idea. I like that they don't test on animals either.

I really love this scrub. Not only does it feel really good on my skin, but the smell is absolutely wonderful if you want to feel like you are in a tropical paradise. A hint of coconut mixed with lime - very delicious scent. The texture is very thick and sticky - in a good way. Spreads on your skin nicely and you can feel the little sugar grains and coconut shells working their magic to leave your skin soft. I also love that the company does not test on animals.

When I took this product out of my May Taste of the Tropics Cravebox I was so surprised on how large the container was. When I opened it the scent was so refreshing and as true to the name of the cravebox the scent was TROPICAL. I felt like relaxing on a beach. I have never used a body scrub before so I did not know what to expect. I used it the first night in the shower and was so surprised and happy. I first thought are all scrubs like this? My next thought was why have I never used a scrub? This not only smelled amazing, but felt great when applying and made my skin so silky soft! I will never not have one in my shower. The Tree Hut Coconut Lime shea body scrub is worth every cent and them some! Thank you so much for introducing me to a fabulous new product that I will never live without!

this was so great, it smelled great and just relaxed my whole body

I absolutely love this scrub. Tried it out the first day I received it in my Cravebox. It smells delicious and makes my skin so smooth. This has become My favorite bath product!

This body scrub is awesome it made my body feel as if I was wearing silk pjs ;-) With the tropical scent and soothing shea butter it is the perfect accessory for these summer months when we indulge ourselves in the warmth of the sun This scrub is a gentle sugar based cleanser that leaves my body looking like its been kissed by the sun Thank yiu Treehut you rock!

The smell of this body scrub is divine! It really exfoliates nicely and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with a beachy scent.