Coffee-Mate Peppermint Mocha Creamer

Coffee-Mate Peppermint Mocha Creamer

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This is by far my favorite flavor of creamer. I have to stock up on it during the Holidays because it always sells out at my neighborhood grocery store.

One of my all time FAVORITE things to put in my coffee or hot coco. Great flavor, not nasty aftertaste. Wish it could be found all year long around here.

This was awesome! Perfect for the holidays too! It was so much cheaper than going to starbucks and getting their peppermint mocha!!

perfect combo of flavors.

I love coffee-mate but this flavor isn't one of my favorites. I would rather have the pumpkin spice but I know several people who do love the peppermint mocha.

Love it I buy two of these a week one for home and the other for work.

reallly really really delicious!

Loved this creamer, I put it in alot of my baking for the Christmas holiday.

My all time favorite!

I don't drink coffee. At all. But I use Coffee Mate more than most of my friends that do! I love to use it in my hot cocoa, and the Peppermint Mocha flavor is one of my favorites to add to my hot cocoa in the morning! I love the minty taste that it adds to my drinks, and it has a creaminess that adds to the richness of my cocoa! I wish they carried this flavor year round, because it would definitely be in my cart every month!

This is my absolute favorite creamer. I would use this creamer all year long but cannot find it beyond the holiday season. I stock up on it during Christmas and it usually lasts me until the end of March. Not nearly long enough! This needs to be sold all year long.

I absolutely adore this coffee creamer! I think it tastes even better than Starbucks peppermint mochas :) This is great in coffee and teas, and it doesn't taste artificial. I love it!

I must have 3 bottles in my refrigerator right now. It is one of my favorite flavors for my coffee and hot tea.

This makes me feel like every morning is Christmas Morning. (:

I bought this product after having a starbucks peppermint mocha coffee. It made my coffee taste just as good as the starbucks coffee, yummy!!!!