Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner

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I love liquid eyeliner and this one is super easy to apply! The tip makes application really smooth and clean.

This took a little practice to get it right but after I finally figured it out-this is my favorite eyeliner. I have been using revlon colorstay eyeliner for years and after trying this, I will continue to buy it. It goes on reallt smooth.

This goes on smoothly, but does not stay put!! A little disappointed!

Love this for stay-put dramatic all night wear! I purchased this after being disappointed with another brand and I was shocked at the ease of application from start to finish and the color stayed put and was bold from beginning of the night all the way through the after party! Didn't irritate my contacts and didn't smell or make my eyes tear up! Keep up the good work.. Great product to use to achieve that rockabilly retro cat-eye look

I am kind of suprised to read the reviews on this! I love this eyeliner. It's perfect for a cat-eye look. I only use liquid liners. I think it takes more time, but the result is great. Everyone seems to say "how did you get your eyeliner to look like that?" I tell them revlon!

I expect covergirl to bring it because this is a competitive market but I am very disapointed with this product. This eyeliner should have never left the lab.

I love this eyeliner. It goes smothly on and stays on all day.

i've nver been a huge fan of liquid eyeliner as I find it a bit difficult to use. However, this product did stay on and did't crack like many other liquid eyeliners I have used in the past.

I love this eyeliner it stays on all day

I purchased this because the price was great and the brand is preferred but it is WAY to runny

I do like the price and I like that it didn't make me cry like most others, but they really need to make it less runny. It's very hard to work with, I use only this style applicator - more like a sharpie style brush and i love that they did that as well but again the actual eyeliner is very runny. Sorry not the best I've used.

i was not at all amused it. thought it was me but after speaking to other ppl they agree it isnt the best bang for my $$.. i did however love the elf pen liner. so easy to apply. doesnt flake and last a long time. For a dollar cant be beat!

I really wanted to like this but it just wasn't a quality item for me. I want my eyeliner to go on cleanly, smoothly, and cling there like its life depends on it. I've found that Smashbox waterproof gel liners (used with their flat brush or any quality flat brush) do just that, and they won't budge. You can fall asleep face-first into your pillow and that gel eyeliner will STILL be where you left it the night before. Not under your eyes, in your eyes, on your pillowcase, but RIGHT SMACK there on your lids! You can even line inside your eye with it.

I've had this eyeliner for some time now but I don't ever use it. It's just too runny/ watered down.

Well this eye liner didn't work that good with me yes it's runny but I guess it might be because it's not waterproof