Pizza Hut Pizza Mia

Pizza Hut Pizza Mia

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love love love this pizza

My go-to place for a fast easy dinner! I love pizza hut pizza!!! It is always fresh and my order is always correct! I'll definitely be a repeat customer for life!!!

delish............. Very cheesy. Love Pizza Hut Pizza.

the pizza mia is my favorite pizza they have. i love the subtle sweet taste of the crust and the change in the sauce. i am not a big fan of pizza, but my boyfriend could eat it everyday. as long as i can get the pizza mia i really dont mind


Love this..I love the crust and the toppings. Has a really tasty sauce that is spiced just right. Just the right portion too!~!~!

Very good,meaty and sauce is delicous.

I use to dislike pizza hut because it was too greasy for my taste but they have improved the quality of their pizza and now I love it.

I love pizza hut ,there pizza is the best. I especially love the crust because it is so buttery. All there topping are good and fresh. Pizza Hut I love you.

i love their pizza its soooo good

I like the price and the sauce. The crust was sweet and the topping was skimpy

It was not too bad, but If im honest I still really enjoy the Orgional Pan Cheese Pizza. I grew up on this crust and to this day I still love it!

I'm not big on the pizza mia. If I'm really hungry then okay, but if I don't have to eat it, then I won't.

I hate Pizza hut Pizza. To me, saying Pizza hut Pizza is true pizza is like saying Taco Bell is Authentic Mexican food. It taste horrible and if you like this stuff, then you have never tried true Italian pizza.

yuck! it is very greasy. . i dont like the flavor of the crust. disappointed :(