Jessica Seinfeld Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food

Jessica Seinfeld Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food

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This provides great ideas for making food your children will eat, but I didn't like the prep work of making and storing the different colored purees. I also found that, when my children would eat the food, they weren't learning that they were eating a vegetable they actually liked. So, it didn't truly encourage my kids to eat healthier, just trickier.

These recipes are way more trouble than they are worth. And my children are not fooled by pureed vegetables hidden in recipes. Better to prepare healthy, tasty recipes that honestly present vegetables in a positive light is the way to go; not deceitfully incorporating them in hopes that my children would eat them.

I loved the book at first, but it did take a long time to prepare 99% of the recipes.

I love it... My kids can't taste the veggies in anything. as a matter of fact, I have adapted a brownie mix that has spinach and carrot in it that my daughter Girl Scout Brownie troop begs me to make for each troop meeting. Even now that they know there is spinach in the mix. My kids prefer their mac n cheese this way now. I think the book is ingenious and it was the stepping stone to getting my daughter to eat the real thing. she now has no proble trying the actual veggies.

I got this book as a gift, and I love it! It helps me incorporate heathy food into the food I am already making. It has great healthy recipies, and wonderful ideas. I have not made anything from this book that we have not absolutely loved, and I have made about 30 of the recipies!

I LOVE IT!! My family are all willing to eat their vegetables but being able to take a standard meal and make it healthier is such a wonderful feeling. Yes it takes some planning and extra work. But isn't your family worth it? Love it! Try the Hot Coco with Sweet Potato or Pumpkin, yummmy!

I really like this book, i too found it on sale and was happy that i got it alot cheaper than i normally see it but i love the recipes inside. I don't feel liek i am tricking my son at all but then again he helps me prep alot of stuff so he knows what is going on. It does help to have certain items pureed ahead of time and if you refer to this book alot then that is defintely something to consider but you can"hide" veggies even in adult meals too. I think this book is a great idea and has some good recipes inside.

This cookbook is not very convenient. You could do the same thing with organic baby food. Instead of spending hours pureeing vegetables to add a few Tablespoons to the recipe. Hardly nutritious enough to be worth the time.

I was really excited about this book at first - it's a great concept. I was even more excited when I found it for $5! I'm glad I only paid $5 for it...since I have NEVER used it. I am all for teaching kids healthy eating, but if I am "hiding" their veggies in their food, I'm not really teaching them to eat healthy - I'm tricking them into eating healthy. They think they are getting junk food (brownies for example)...and I'm teaching them it's ok to eat them (because I know they are healthy, they don't though). Plus, I am a busy mom, I don't have time to steam and puree all the stuff for these recipes. I'll stick with just giving them fruit and veggies to eat - that way I know they are learning healthy eating habits.

Great ideas and great in concept. I think the 'putting it into action' is where this book falls short. Making, storing, and having at the right purees on hand for each recipe is a bit of a challenge. Again I love the concept, the design, and the recipes I have tried have been ok. It is really hard to motivate yourself to spend a weekend to puree a bunch of veggies/fruits. I do think this book would be AMAZING for a type A planner who would plan meals/recipes in advance. Regardless I think this is a book worth at least glancing at

I like this book it gave me lots of ideas. My kids have no idea that they are eating veggies I love it I tried most of the recepies and so far my family and I are enjoing.

Some of the recipes are good, but making the purees takes FOREVER. Not very realistic.

I got this as a gift. Not a huge fan of the book. It is shaped like the idea was for it to go next to all of your other cook books, but it doesn't belong there. I have yet to try one of the recipies. Nothing personal, just nothing looked that appetizing or exciting. And why would I take the time to puree my veggies when I can just put them raw on their plate?

Great idea and i bought the book right away along with a steamer and foor processor only to find out that the kids still tasted the veggies and wouldn't eat any of the food i made. Ugh!!

Thought the idea behind it was great. I bought the book because I have one child who is quite picky and won't eat most green veggies. I tried the chocolate pudding with the avocado and it was gross. I don't think we even ate all of it. The pureeing of everything is tedious also. I don't really have any interest in spending my weekend steaming and pureeing veggies.