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  • Pompbella By  Pompbella    

    Ya win some ya lose some

    ...they certainly do leak.. But i couldnt get my daughter to take a sippy cup with a hard top... Its a great transitional cup even though it leaks.

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  • Wildatheart By  Wildatheart    


    They are a great price but they leak and the nipple pushes in a lot.

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  • Cyanneh By  Cyanneh    

    Just purchased three of these for my nine month. They are easy for him to grip however the tops don't secure very well. Also whatever you decide to put in the cup leaks out extremely easy.

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  • JDMom16 By  JDMom16    

    Great transitional cup for toddler only issue is that cup leaks from top

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    These cups are absolutely amazing! The only downside I have noticed is that the seal around the top seems to wear out after so much use, but for the price it is well worth it!

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  • JessicaNclyde By  JessicaNclyde    

    My daughter loves this. Its a very good and one. She hates all the others

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    This is a great sippy cup with very little spillage. This is one our family has used with all the kids in the family so far. ..

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  • Samiller88 By  Samiller88    

    Wasn't a fan of the nuby sippy cups, found they always leaked from the nipple.

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  • Mother6 By  Mother6    

    When bottle breaking these were a life saver. Especially the ones with the straw design. Thank you so much!

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  • elizabeth1016 By  elizabeth1016    

    This is the only sippy cup that my son will use. He loves it!

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  • sdcrisco By  sdcrisco    

    These are AWESOME!!! Haven't had any issues with them so far!

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  • Stacer20 By  Stacer20    

    I had a very hard time getting my youngest to change from a bottle to a sippy this was the only sippy she would use.

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  • Seafoam18 By  Seafoam18    

    Great for the toddlers! Fairly easy to clean the nipple. Doesn't spill unless the nipple is bitten out of shape.

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  • Amusgrove By  Amusgrove    

    After a few uses, these always leak. I was not happy with the quality at all.

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  • cassandra575 By  cassandra575    

    My daughter really liked these cups. I thought they were great, they don't leak. I thought they were a bit hard to wash.

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