Bumbo Baby Seat

Bumbo Baby Seat

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We didn't have one of these with our first child, so when our second was on the way we decided to get it and actually only used it a few times. It was a waste of our money!

so this is not the greatest chair my son was 4 month and was claiming out of it love it and hate it

I am a mom to twin boys who were born 10 weeks premature and before our boys came home from the NICU the physical therapist warned us of several products and this chair was one of them. She told us NOT to use the Bumbo chair. Because of the way they sit when they are in the chair it can cause more harm than good. She told us that she has had to do physical therapy on babies who use this chair who would not otherwise need physical therapy. I see so many parents use this chair and it might be okay for VERY SHORT periods of time and not on a regular, daily basis. But as for me this chair is a no go!

I don't see what the hype is. My son looked uncomfortable in it and it just didn't seem safe. Returned it the next day

This did not work at all as advertised. My daughter looked extremely uncomfortable in it, and fussed the whole time.

hated it, my grandson hated it, and now I see they have been recalled, what does that tell you. my grandson did not seem comfortable in it, he was squashed, not a good seat for boys.

over priced and a way for parents to leave babies unattended while they are off doing what they want. bad parenting!

no these are dangerous they have a recall

Not great for babies

I do not care for these bumbo seat,,,they are a waste of money....

I don't know why anyone would do this to their child. The whole purpose of this thing is to force a baby that can not sit on it's own yet to sit. It is bad for their backs to sit for extended periods before their spinal muscles are ready to support them. Ask your Chiropractor if your baby should be using this thing before you use one. I wouldn't waste my money.

I tried using this when my son was a baby. Every time I put him in it, he coughed. I know this is strange but it made me not use it and I got rid of it.

All three of my kids hated the Bumbo!! They just never wanted to sit in it. I don't know if it was uncomfortable to them or what but they would scream as soon as you placed them into one. Not to mention they always seemed kind of dangerous to me, while this is for younger babies my children at the age of 3 months were still pretty mobile and their movements were very jerky and I could see one of them could have easily tilted too much forward and ended up head first on to a floor. I definitely wouldn't recommend leaving your child unaccompanied in this seat but all babies are different and just because mine didn't want anything to do with one doesn't mean yours wont enjoy it. They do make me nervous though I wouldn't have them more than an arms length away from me.

Both my children hated it. The leg holes are to small, to expensive, and my 4 month old can lean it back by sitting In it

Was not a fan, it flips over way to easy and I was always to scared to put my children in it