Bumbo Baby Seat

Bumbo Baby Seat

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I love this product! Has helped my daughter to develop the core strength to sit up on her own. The material is wonderful! So easy to just wipe clean! Easy to pick up while holding child. Great invention! It's so versatile! Can be for feeding, play, etc..

I love this chair. I have a 4 month old daughter, she has been using it for about a month now. I just started using it in the bathtub to wash her hair. It works great.

I love this seat - and so does my daughter! It helped her sit up when she was too young to sit by herself. It's also great for feeding when used with the tray!

Love the bumbo seat we have two of them, and one with a tray for feeding baby. The greatest invention ever!

i LOVE my bumbo seat. My lil one has been in it since he could hold his head up. I purchased the bumbo tray to attach to it as well so that I can put things on it for him. I like how it enables him to sit up because he enjoys it. One thing that I use it often for is when dining out I bring it along. There is a bumbo potty seat only available online at bumbo and I am thinking of trying that when the time comes.

I will be getting one of these.

i luv these. they worked great for my twins when they were little and still do. they r 16 months & still using them

This is a must have. All of my babies loved this seat (I'm on my third child now and the chair is still holding up strong)

I love these! my son has one and it is the greatist thing !! Its also great to take when traveling to use as a (highchair) if you will because they make trays to go on them!! i absolutely love ours!

I love this product. Until my son was old enough to sit up on his own I took a Bumbo everywhere we went!

Bumbos are great. It helps develop their sitting up strength, it's easy to clean, and it gives Mommy a break from holding a cranky baby all day when they're in their need-to-be-held-24/7 phase!

i just bought this pruduct a month ago and i love it! it made my life way easier

love it!!! wonderful and smart product.

I wish they would of had this when my kids were babies. Absolutely the best seat out there.

I cannot give enough praise for the Bumbo! What an amazing product. Because we used one in our household daily, I saw the value quickly. I now buy these for my friends and family who are expecting knowing they will be as happy as I was. Cheers to a great product!