Dasani Natural Lemon Flavored Water Beverage

Dasani Natural Lemon Flavored Water Beverage

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Okay, you know what? That does not and is not REAL LEMON! It tastes really fake and has a slight yet still noticeable aftertaste. Water or the Sobe zero calorie stuff would be better. They should try using all-natural ingredients. It would taste better that way.

I think this is the worst tasting water ever....it's like rotten lemon in a bottle yuck.

I did not like this water. I felt I had a weird after taste in my mouth after drinking it.

Dasani is one of my favorite bottled waters. However, I do not remotely think that their flavored water tastes like the fruit that is supposedly in it. It just takes like artificial sweetener and leaves a bad taste in your mouth

I tried this crap a while back and it was awful. It left a weird aftertaste and the flavor made me feel like I was trying to force myself to drink more lol. Everyone cannot master the art of flavored water and this was the proof Dasani/Coca Cola Epic fail.

i didnt like it. I would rather stick to plain water or if I want that lemon taste use a fresh lemon

I don't really like the tast of this water. It seems to leave a funny taste in my mouth.

Sometimes you need a bottled container of water. Dasani is a favorite brand of mine. Part of the attraction is that they use a substantial plastic bottle. I HATE cheat supermarket bottled water that crackles loudly every time you touch the bottle. I will even refill the Dasani bottle several times before recycling it. This product has failed my expectations. The bottle was the only acceptable part. The lemon flavor was bitter and fake tasting. I gave away the rest of my purchase and only got poor reports from the recipients.

Usually Dasani is my favorite type of water to drink.. but I didn't like the taste of this lemon water.

Disgusting Chemical Beverage I bought this today in desperate need for water. I assumed it was water, but it is a nasty sucralose and other chemical laden beverage. I chose to drain the bottle and use tap water from old factory than drink this. I love Dasani, why would they create such an abominable product.

Love the brand but this one was a miss. The flavor has a strange quality about it. Smells great but tastes like I would imagine furniture polish might taste.

I love the water! I don't like flavors! Especially in my water! But if you like this type of flavor, you couldn't go wrong with Dasani!

I like that Dasani is expanding their horizons, but this water just was not their best work! I really did not like the taste of this and its the only water I have tried that gave a bad after taste!

I didnt like the taste of this water. Its nice that the company is trying new things but this one jus isnt for me.

Water beverage liquid Water beverage? You can't just call it water? Or maybe it's lemonade. Do you even know what this is? I certainly don't and your description doesn't help me in the slightest. I sometimes just put whole lemons in my glasses of water and then pour it into my mouth, I imagine this tastes just as good, which is to say it doesn't taste so good at all. I'd much rather just squeeze lemons on their own and absorb their succulence that way. My name is Willomena