Dasani Natural Lemon Flavored Water Beverage

Dasani Natural Lemon Flavored Water Beverage

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i love flavored water and this one is my favorite

I like the lemon flavor!!

Not too strong just the perfect taste to cool you down

I love Dasani water, but am not sure about this flavor.

Dasani is my favorite water to drink. I prefere the natural taste, but the lemon is not bad at all if the water is very cold.

Good lemony flavor

i liked it because it was a nice change from just regular water

I'm not a huge fan of flavored waters - I prefer some bubbles in it.

The lemon flavor I could take it or leave it. I like to add my own fresh lemon to my water.

I love this! Refreshing,delicious! You can't go wrong! Go get you some today!

Love the brand but this one was a miss. The flavor has a strange quality about it. Smells great but tastes like I would imagine furniture polish might taste.

I like that Dasani is expanding their horizons, but this water just was not their best work! I really did not like the taste of this and its the only water I have tried that gave a bad after taste!

I didnt like the taste of this water. Its nice that the company is trying new things but this one jus isnt for me.

I love the water! I don't like flavors! Especially in my water! But if you like this type of flavor, you couldn't go wrong with Dasani!

Water beverage liquid Water beverage? You can't just call it water? Or maybe it's lemonade. Do you even know what this is? I certainly don't and your description doesn't help me in the slightest. I sometimes just put whole lemons in my glasses of water and then pour it into my mouth, I imagine this tastes just as good, which is to say it doesn't taste so good at all. I'd much rather just squeeze lemons on their own and absorb their succulence that way. My name is Willomena