Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser and Polish

Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser and Polish

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Bar Keepers has been around for years. It is a staple in my home. It is the only thing that gets my stainless steel sink properly clean.

This is one of the best cleaners. I use it on the floor in my shower and it gets the red iron spots out. It was recommended to me by a friend it gets everything i've used it on clean.

Rubbed Out the Rust It helped me rub out some rust in my stainless-steel sink with minimal work. Good stuff for the price.

Works for glass aquariums I use this product in my kitchen, but also to remove water stains on our glass reptile enclosures. Barkeepers friend will remove the hardest water stains from old aquariums and then rinses off leaving the glass clear as new

When I learned about this product I fell in love! I always keep a can under the sink! No strong smell yet though on stains

Awesomeness Love this so much It keeps my copper bottomed pots so shiny Love it

Amazing results at a bargain price! I have been using Bar Keepers Friend for decades all around the house. This stuff is simply amazing. It cleans things that would seem hopeless. Here are a few of my own examples: Pfaltzgraff stoneware cutlery marks; copper-bottomed pots; hazy shower doors; stained enamel sinks; stained Formica countertops; grimy stainless steel; One of my best was a thrift shop find: an $85 Calphalon sauteuse pan and lid that looked disgusting. I couldn't tell if it was burned on food or a bad surface. A few minutes with my trusty BKF made the set look like new. Follow the directions on the package, and be prepared to be wowed.

Crust Be Gone! Trouble with any grime in the bath, or sink? Toss a little bit and scrub away. Miracles can happen. Working in a Spa, This is one of our main cleaning supplies. Used mainly to scrub the outside of our Float Pod. Salty Sea crust would be impossible to clean off without our friend Bar Keepers!!

Awesome product Cleans stuck on baked on dishes quickly. Even the BBQ grill. I even use this on porcelain. Highly recommended it.

awesome Makes everything so shiny and clean! We use it for everything!

Incredible and Inexpensive Cleaning Product! I do believe this cleaner is fantastic! It is amazing at cleaning pots and pans. I also have had wonderful success using it to remove permanent marker, hard water stains on windows, and stains on the counter top. It is wonderful!

Not just for Barkeepers! This stuff is Great!!! Best cleaning product by far to remove very difficult caked-on, grimes, nasty messes. Nearly effortless when it comes to scrubbing.

Works great! This is my favorite cleaner! I use this a lot for different things and it works very great on my kitchen sinks, making them look brand new!

Always have this in my kitchen cleaning supplies. Anything with stainless steel or stoves and sinks. Amazing!!!!!!

I love that this is non toxic. Does an amazing job on my stainless steel sink and on my copper bottom pans.