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  • Neeners By  Neeners    

    So many laughs

    such good writing, over the top laughs, and a cast that seems like they are having a great time in every episode. Love Tina Fey.

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  • notheragain By  notheragain    

    Still holds up as smart comfort food

    We've been rewatching the entire series this year. Most of it still holds up and is extremely funny. There are some things that didn't, namely the series is tone deaf in some areas, such as LGBTQIA topics. The acting is top-notch and the throwaway gags and callbacks reward multiple viewings. The first few episodes are shaky, but the second half of the first season hits strong and the series continues on a high point until late in its run. Like most successful series, it went a little long--the last season especially is very uneven but still worth watching to see the completeion of the character arcs.

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  • mallgirl By  mallgirl    

    One of the funniest shows, ever!

    This show is always my go-to when I want to stream something that will guarantee me a laugh. Tina Fey's writing is spot on and so clever! The locations make me homesick for NYC, and having a career in entertainment, I can appreciate the storylines! The show has a great cast along with some great guest stars (Elaine Stritch was a treasure!) So glad to be able and stream this show.

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  • fabyzoe By  fabyzoe    

    I loved Tina Fey in this. It could have been better, funnier, but it was very entertaining. I like the change of perspective from the front of the camera to behind it.

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  • happykayekaye By  happykayekaye    

    Not as great as I would've hoped. Especially since I usually love Tina Fey as an actress. There's a lot of crude jokes and inappropriate references. Defiantly not one of NBC's greatest.

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  • Urangellea By  Urangellea    

    I love this show. Liz lemon is a character that I can't help but love, She's nerdy and smart and a bit neurotic, I love it. But then again, after watching this show and seeing some of the things Tina Fey is famous for qouting, I've grown to become a huge Tina Fey fan. I love her confidence. Jack is my second favorite, he is hilarious! I just love the dynamic of their work relationship and friend relationship.

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  • Moomop593 By  Moomop593    

    I enjoy this show every once in a while. I am in a funk with comedies lately. It is definatley one of the better shows out there

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  • JordanV By  JordanV    

    This is one of my favorite shows

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  • mysmartypants By  mysmartypants    

    I love this show! Tina is at her best when she is playing Liz Lemon...she is perfect for it. And Alec Baldwin just makes me laugh with everything he says. His deadpan delivery is spot on and his timing is excellent! He is one of my all time favorites.

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  • ES1237 By  ES1237    

    I rarely laugh at this show. I think it tries too hard to be funny. Liz Lemon's character annoys me.

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  • Mgiallor By  Mgiallor    

    30 Rock has the best cast of any show on television! This half hour show is leaves you yearning for next weeks episode. It's spectacular!

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  • thelittleturtle By  thelittleturtle    

    love, love, love everything about ths show. So funny, but it's like they arn't even trying!! Plus the camera shots make it seem like its not a typical set but rather little cameras in an office(or studio) capturing all these insane moments of ...life!

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  • brandgirl By  brandgirl    

    Sarcasm at its best - so happy the new season has started... I missed it!

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  • shespeakstoo By  shespeakstoo    

    It's ok. I thought I would actually love it, but everytime I watch it I simply think it's ok. I find a bit boring how it all revolves around Tina Fey's sarcastic and grownded attitude. Funny, but not overly funny.

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  • mnladydi By  mnladydi    

    One of the stupidest shows on television!

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