Kong Large Red Kong Dog Toy

Kong Large Red Kong Dog Toy

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These are great, I also fill it with peanut butter and freeze. Or dog yogurt is great in it as well!

Our lab loves these toys - you know he's ready to for a snack when he walks in the room and throws it at you.

Our dog LOVES this! Other brands don't compare. I will only buy the KONG brand from now on. Oreo is a powerful chewier...and this hold up! No more board days in the kennel.

My dog loves this and she hasn't "killed" it since we got it for her almost a year ago!

Babygirl love her's in fact I have two and what I do is stuff them with peanut butter and then freeze them she just love it and the best thing is she can not distroy it yeah.

my dogs also love the kongs, we fill them with treats, when we are going to be away for awhile they keep the dogs busy for awhile, and out of trouble!

Kongs are the BEST toys for agressive chewers. Our lab can flatten these easily so we fill them with large treats that we wedge in - she loves it and has yet to destroy it in over 8 years. Peanut butter inside is great to keep her busy but it is a pain to then clean the Kong's insides.

This is the best dog toy ever! On a hot day I fill them with peanut butter and freeze them. This is the only toy my 2 year old lab cannot destroy.

BEST dog chew toy EVER!!! Long lasting (if you have an excessive chewer try the black one) I like to fill with peanut butter & dog food, then I throw in the freezer overnight and give to the dog in the morning... it provides him hours of entertainment!!

My dog absolutely loves KONG toys! They are durable, come in many shapes and sizes, and can be stuffed with treats! I love them because they are dishwasher safe and made in the USA!

This is also our dogs favorite toy! He has to bring it with him where ever he goes!!!

These toys are such an awesome invention; i don't even know how i would have managed without them.

Keeps the dogs busy and entertained. i've filled it w/canned food and treats then froze it overnight. takes them a little longer to get it all out. Also peanut butter and even large ice cubes. They love it.

My dog loves her kong. I either put a marshmallow or peanut in it. She loves it!!!

Love love the Kong. I put the Kong sticks in them and it lasts for a few days while my 3 yr old boxer tries to figure out how to get the whole stick out of it. She never did chew anything as a puppy because she was also too busy carrying around the Puppy Kong, now she is grown she has the large Kong and also the Kong Ball. All the chewing on it and still in one piece, very durable and safe for dogs.