Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Acquarium

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Acquarium

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This was a favorite of my son's when he was an infant! He still likes to turn it on and play around with it!!

A MUST HAVE! This is how I got my daughter to finally start sleeping in her crib! The soothing ocean sounds or lullabies were enough to get her to sleep and keep her asleep! I love the remote control so you can turn it back on if needed without your baby seeing you!

So cute and soothing!

one of the best educational and toy brand that i really love. very safe and toxic free

Great for the kids to relax at bedtime.

My kids fall asleep very quickly....saves me time!

Very calming for young ones

I have about two weeks until I give birth to my first child, a daughter, we were given this as a present and I can't wait to have her home to use it! I love that it has a remote, the music is great, not too loud, but loud enough to hear it. The animals in the water are so cute and I like that as she is older she can hit the button herself. I wish they made this for adults!!

My son loved this he would not sleep with out it

We received one as a gift for my daughter. When she starting standing on her own, she figured out how to turn it on. There are many nights when I hear the music or rain coming thru our video monitor. It really calms her down and we all get to experience a peaceful night.

Bought one of these for my Grandson. He LOVES it!! That makes me happy and would recommend this to all moms!

I have one of these, I bought it for my son (now 3 yrs old) and wound up using it for my daughter too. My kids both loved it. It relaxed them and helped them get to sleep. Awesome product, definitely a great investment.

A lifesaver with my first and it appears it will be soothing my three month old just the same! One of the best baby products we own!

Our son loved his and it helped relax him at night. Wonderful product!

This was very soothing to my son and we had a very hard time at bedtime. This was a life saver at times!